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London artist 3VS talks to Projext Liquid about his biggest influences, upcoming EP and his growth in music.

Listen to 'Waters' below


Describe yourself in three words 



How would you describe your sound?

I have a lot of influences, it's hard to really pinpoint what my sound is because I switch it up a lot, you might hear me on a drill tune, you might hear me on some American trappy ish. I think my sound is having no sound, its miscellaneous greatness.


When did your music journey start?

In 2019 at Uni. I just realised in life you can do anything. I discovered creative endeavours was something I enjoyed. It started with clothing and when I got good at creating designs, I thought maybe I could apply myself to something else and I’ll get good at that, so I tried music and that was it. 

What’s one of your favourite songs you’ve written?

At the moment I would say its ‘Oh So Average’ just because it’s some real human stuff, I like it because it brings me back down to earth when I listen to it and reminds me of who I am. Average. 


Who inspires you the most?

Skepta and Mac Miller. Skepta because he’s like the face of UK, the style the swag, he’s bought everything to the forefront of the UK. Mac Miller just because of his artistry, he's versatile, he’s got that soul vibe to him. 


Can you give us any details on your new single? 

I have a new single dropping out tonight it’s called ‘Breaklight’. I had a break from music, had to come back to it and I’m just speaking about where I’ve been, my aspirations, moving forward and how that all plays out in my mind. Trying to get somewhere but not being there quiet, it’s just slow, relaxed vibes. 


How do you feel seeing your streams going up?

It’s insane! Recently my streams have really been going up I think the algorithms are picking me up on Spotify so it’s crazy to see the growth, it’s crazy to see people listening it’s all insane to me. 

What do you have planned for the next six months? 

I plan to drop a big project and I have multiple singles. I’m releasing my clothing brand OT33, so that’s going to be big. 


Artist: 3VS

Photographer: Dav3

Wearing: Dtrois

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