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Artist: Alysha

Creative Director: Vanessa Abia, Ray Corinne

Photographer: Josh Snaps

Fashion Director: Jacklyn O Agu

Stylist: Annie

Hair and Makeup: Jasmine Wratislaw

Production: Projext Liquid Studios


In an age where technology is at the core of everything we do, it can often feel like we’re living in a superficial world. Social media paints us in certain lights and we talk to each other through a screen more often than we do face to face, and yet despite having this access to worldwide communication, it’s becoming clearer that we’re losing our ability to connect as humans.

This is a concept that London-based artist Alysha explores in her latest single ‘Finer Things.’ Alysha explains “I wanted to write about worldly issues on “Finer Things” in a metaphorical way without the song being too gospel-inspired. The lyrics discuss an exploration into the human psyche and the exploitation of our planet.” Expressive vocals layered over slick R&B production make for a track that is emotive and thought-provoking.


2019 saw the release of Alysha’s debut single ‘David Attenborough’ a strong introduction to Alysha as an artist, and she has continued that momentum with follow-up singles, ‘Sugar Sweet’, ‘Florence’ and more recently ‘Lord, Help Me’. The series of releases has helped Alysha amass impressive social media attention, with a mighty following of over 400K followers on Instagram and a further 120k on TikTok. This rising artist has also garnered the attention of tastemakers including, NOTION, WONDERLAND, ROLLERCOASTER and GRM DAILY.


‘Finer Things’ will no doubt continue to make people turn heads, evidenced by the 10k stream she’s already accumulated since its release on the 2nd of June. Thanks to minimal but effective R&B beats accented by subtle synths layers and soft angelic backing vocals, the spotlight is given to Alysha’s distinctive, soulful voice which leads the track with gripping lyrical storytelling, ‘This world is going nowhere, so you got to beware before we run out of air, they told you life is unfair’ she sings with an effortless flow, while ‘Can somebody free me, ‘cause I’m feeling guilty’ is another line from this wordsmith that will strike listeners hard.

This R&B songstress is on our radar as one of the most interesting voices in the UK, and so we sat down with Alysha to peel back the layers of this breathing new single.

Listen to Alysha's single 'Finer Things' below.


Hey Alysha, how’s it going? How’s the year been treating you so far?  

Hey! It’s not been bad at all, thank you. I’ve actually been doing a lot of shows and I started releasing music again this year which is gaining a lot of attention, especially my latest track ‘Finer Things’. Things are finally looking up for me. 


Where does your love of music stem from? 

My mother. My mum’s music taste is next level. She’s always playing music around the house, we’ve even given her the nickname “DJ Bella”.


How would you define the essence of your sound?

Right now it’s heading in a darker, moodier direction with my last two releases. But I've been recording a lot more experimental, shoe-gazed and classical Indian inspired stuff recently.


What do you remember listening to growing up? Has that influenced the way you make your music today?

My mum would play all sorts. A few artists she would play all the time were Nirvana, Joss Stone, and Lauryn Hill. That’s where I really think my sound comes from and what influences me.

How has your sound evolved since the release of your debut single “David Attenborough”?

My voice is a lot better now thanks to training, and I’m much more mature which reflects in my music. I have experience, I have a larger range, and many more vocal skills. I also want to be myself now. Fifteen year old Alysha wanted to be like everyone else and that was the problem.


Can you talk us through the themes and concepts behind your last two singles? 

Watch the music videos and look at the story of the designers of all pieces - Rick Owens, Ann Demeleumeester, Jean Paul Gaultier. They’re all avant-garde artists. I'm storytelling in my own way through these pieces, through my lyrics, through my vocals, through the style of production and everything. It’s all just one big story.


You’ve recently dropped the song and music video for “Finer Things” – what was the inspiration behind it?

This song is about not chasing the finer things in life but rather looking at what you have - the earth, the animals, your family, what’s around you. Watch how the earth is dying because of us, we assume we are of such great importance because we are humans, but we are just as special as any other living being on this planet.

Beyond music, what other ways do you express yourself creatively?

I love fashion, so I love styling.


What’s next for you, can we expect more music?

Yes, of course. Always. I’m always doing live shows, so if you’re in London come down and watch me play. Each and every gig of mine is different from the other, even if I sing the same song, things will sound and look different.

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