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Born in the Philippines and hailing from West London, the rising songstress Angeloumae emerges with her blend of sounds ranging from soul-touching R&B to sexually empowering tunes. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Rihanna, Aaliyah, Kanye, Kid Cudi and Brandy, she creates a variety of sounds; through her input in production, showcasing her ability to express and arrange music along with vocal execution that hooks you in.


‘Dance for me’ is the latest addition to her sonic catalogue as she dives deep into her sexual dominance with her smooth vocal tones and heavy-bass beat flowing throughout the song. 


Angeloumae chats with Projext Liquid on all things music, fashion and future plans 

Listen to 'Dance For Me' below


How did you get into music? 

I’ve always been singing, it’s like Filipino culture you either dance, sing or are very arty. My family would play Whitney and Nora Jones around the house, and from a very young age I was always performing at family events, doing karaoke, and singing big songs. My grandma would say “I’ll give you £1 if you sing”. From there, I fell in love with musical theatre.

If you weren’t doing music, what would you be doing and why? 

There’re a few options; something fashion related which I’m doing at the moment, I’m also trying to start my own fashion brand. I’ve always been into art and painting or maybe becoming a social worker.


What inspires you as an artist? 

Growing up, I was never stable in one place, we were constantly moving so I had to learn to adapt. I never felt relatable to people, whenever I had family problems, I couldn’t really speak to anyone, so I think writing about my emotions, making people emotional with my unreleased songs inspires me to write more music from the heart. 

How did you find lockdown? 

I loved it. It got me to focus on the music, why I’m doing it and my branding. I’m very introverted so I don’t go out anyway, so I had more time to think about what’s important. I also put together my first mixtape.


What’s your favourite thing about being a musician? 

The freedom and self-expression, there’s literally no rules, you can make anything you want. In the beginning I thought I had to write about love all the time but when I went through my branding, and I learnt more about myself. When you’re an artist you ask yourself questions like, what kind of music do I want to make? How do I want to make people feel? That’s how I learnt what I like and don’t like. 

What’s your favourite thing to write about? 

Right now, something dark like revenge. It’s because I was stuck writing about being heart broken or being in a vulnerable place for so long, so now all that comes to my head is the opposite. Instead of writing about being vulnerable, I’m writing about making people feel empowered, I’m trying to put myself in a more powerful and dominant position.


How do you describe your sound? 

My sound went through a bit of an experimental phase, I was trying to find myself so I would say that is my sound, finding myself. The mixtape I’m putting out is a mixture of light and dark and the next few singles are very dominating. 

Who would you like to collab with? 

Brandy, I want to learn how she does her layering, she’s just amazing vocally. Also, Timberland he’s amazing and Kanye because of ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ I was very inspired by that, visually and production wise. 

Where do you see yourself in the next year and what makes you happy? 

What would make me happy is just putting out the music that I’ve been holding onto and not overthinking too much. Just being more transparent and not thinking of the plans too much, going with the flow. My next single ‘Dance for me’ is out and it’s the start of my dark sound. It’s about embracing your sexuality, its empowering to women, putting them in a more dominant position.

Artist: Angeloumae

Creative Director: Leslie- Carolina

Photographer: Zek Snaps

Camera Assistant: Nadderz Photographer

Styled by: Les Studios

Styling Assistant: Tami, Elisha Marie

Makeup Artist: Tahiyah Ali

Hair Stylist: Habiba Alison

Assistant: Dionne Tipton

Studio: Projext Liquid Studios

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