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In a world dominated by conformity, Br3nya fearlessly carves her own path, defying expectations and offering a fresh perspective on contemporary music. With a sound that effortlessly blends R&B, rap, and Afrobeats, Br3nya's artistry knows no bounds. Her music transcends genres, creating a sonic experience that resonates with her audience on a profound level. Her journey as an artist has been one of self-discovery and relentless passion. From the moment she burst onto the scene back in 2018, it became clear that she possessed a raw talent that simply couldn't be contained.

With her latest album, "Innit Innit Girl," Br3nya invites us into her world - a place where boundaries are shattered, and creativity knows no limits as she reveals her introspective journey and allows audiences to connect on a deeply personal level. The project reveals Br3nya at her most profound and vulnerable. The album embarks on a metaphorical journey through the lens of her heritage, shining a light on unrepresented facets of Ghanaian culture in the emotionally charged track, "Kumasi." Br3nya exposes the world to the vibrant tapestry of life beyond the mainstream, illuminating the richness and diversity that lies within her roots.

From the very first track, "Payday," it becomes clear that Br3nya is back and bolder than ever. Her sultry vocals effortlessly merge with smooth rap flows, creating an undeniable chemistry that resonates with listeners. This statement re-launch solidifies Br3nya's ability to captivate, leaving us eagerly waiting for what's to come. One of the standout moments on the project is the collaboration with Alté pioneer Tay Iwar on the track "Us." Produced by bAd entity, this compelling blend of R&B and Afrobeats showcases Br3nya's versatility as an artist. Her ability to seamlessly fuse different styles is a testament to her creativity and innovative approach to music.

With precision and astuteness, she impeccably merges diverse sonic elements in collaboration with Alté pioneer Tay Iwar on the track "Us," produced by bAd entity. Their fusion of R&B and Afrobeats creates an auditory universe that resonates with a generation hungry for fresh sounds.

"Innit Innit Girl" is a testament to Br3nya's ability to transcend conventions and elevate her artistry to new heights. With poetic yet grounded lyrics, she brings forth a distinctive voice that reflects the realities of contemporary culture. Br3nya's eclectic style strikes a profound balance between the personal and the universal, serving as a catalyst for self-reflection and societal growth.

Listen to Br3ny's EP 'Innit innit Girl ' below:

Artist: Br3nya

Interview by: Mia Richardson

Creative Director: Ray Corinne

Photographer: Jessica Ngombe

Mua: Carly Corinne

Stylists: Idyllyn

Production: Projext Liquid Studios 

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PL x BR3NYA9.png

Mia: Firstly, huge congrats on the new project! This is the first one you’ve dropped right?


Br3nya: Yep, this is my first project. My first little baby.


Mia: It looks like the album has been received really well! You’ve received support from the likes of Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music and had co-signs from artists including Sneakbo. How has the past month been?


Br3nya: The past month has been no rest. I feel like I've been waking up every day thinking, “how am I gonna get more people to hear this project?”. Promotion isn’t easy. It takes a lot of energy so it's been work this month! People think when the music is out that’s it, but it's really not, because people actually have to hear it. So yeah, it’s been non-stop, but still good!

Mia: I saw you shared ‘Innit Innit Girls On Tour’ on your IG where you were going around different locations in London with signs to encourage people to listen to your track along with Alicai Harley & Moliy who’s on the album. Love that idea! I guess, because it's your baby you want people to hear it. So you're gonna want to scream and shout about it.


Br3nya: Yes, exactly. It is a bit embarrassing though I’m not gonna lie. Walking around Brixton with a placard…it is very embarrassing. You have to have a little shot or two beforehand!


Mia: Can you tell us a bit about where you're at musically right now? Why this EP now, and what did you want to convey in this EP?


Br3nya: I felt like, because I've been releasing only singles since I first started doing music, I owed it to my fans to give them a body of work. If you're just putting out singles, people can't really get a full picture of you as an artist. I really wanted to do that. It can be a bit unsettling when you feel like you're not showing all sides of you musically. You feel like people don't know your full potential. I wanted to give people enough for them to think “okay, yeah, we actually understand her”, and I felt like that's what I could do with this project. I showed vulnerability, my melodic skills, my songwriting skills…I think it showed my versatility. And I think people who might not know who I am really get an understanding when they listen to the tape, and that's what I really wanted. 

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Mia: Your versatility definitely comes across in the album. It’s great to hear how you move between different styles so seamlessly. Have you got a favourite track on the album?


Br3nya: My favourite does change, but I really love “Instrument”. It's like my baby. I really love the sensual side to it. I remember exactly where I was when I started writing the lyrics, as I wrote it months before I actually recorded the song. I love my songwriting on that one. What about yours? 


Mia: My favourite is ‘Kumasi’. I'm a huge beat person so I love that one. It’s so catchy and feel good! What’s your creative process like when creating songs? Is it the lyrics first or beat first?


Br3nya: Funnily enough, the beats rarely come first for me. If I have a moment or experience something, I'll just start writing about it. I can be out, I can be at home. Wherever I am, I'll stop and start writing it in my notes. 


But I can’t deny the magical feeling when you hear a beat and you instantly start feeling inspired. That feeling is next to nothing. It’s a magical process when the lyrics and the melodies just start flowing. It’s a really beautiful experience.

Mia: I can imagine! Especially if you have lyrics ready and you’re waiting to hear the right beat and then you hear it and you're like, “Wow, this is it”.


Br3nya: Yes! That's how I felt when I made “Instrument”. ATG, the producer that worked on the track played me loads of beats on that day, and there was one in particular that resonated with me.


Mia: Do you do any of the production yourself?


Br3nya: I'd like to think of myself as a co-producer on a lot of the songs on my projects. I like to be really hands on with the production, so I help direct the producers by sounding out instruments that I can hear in my head. I would love to learn the actual technical side of it one day so I could just do it myself because I know that I've got things in my head that only I can kind of translate into the actual music.

PL x BR3NYA4.png

Mia: Did you draw inspiration for ‘Innit Innit Girl’ from anything you'd been listening to at the time you were putting the album together?


Br3nya: Wizkid was definitely my main inspiration. I definitely got inspiration from his albums “More Love, Less Ego” and “Made In Lagos”. He’s my musical goat. I'm always in awe when I hear him. I just think “this is so easy for you, how are you so good at this?” 

Mia: Are you influenced much by your Ghanaian roots?


Br3nya: 100%. All of my music has a little bounce to it and I feel like that's something that is natural in Ghanaian music. When I'm in a studio with producers, we’ll look at old school sounds like Hiplife and Highlife and we'll take elements and instruments that they used in their songs to give that feel to my music. 


Mia: Do you do visit Ghana do work on musically when you visit?


Br3nya: Yes. The last time I went,  in 2020, I went to record with different artists. I shot a video with KiDi and I just networked with a lot of artists like Kelvyn Boy and Camidoh. I was focused on building up my relationships. In Ghana, they're really chilled when it comes to collabing. I'll send them my songs and they'll jump on it and send the verse back really quickly. It's not a long process at all like how it can be with UK artists. That's the first time I’d been in like 10 years. I made my song “Homecoming Freestyle”. I was really inspired when I went by everything around me, that's how it came out so perfectly. I just feel like I'm meant to be there when I'm there. It’s just a vibe so it's so easy to come up with ideas and be creative.

Mia: I can imagine there being so many musical influences around you when you’re there, especially the use of instruments. How would you say your music has evolved over time?


Br3nya: I feel like I've just become better at making music. I started out freestyling, so I don't know if I really knew how to actually make songs in the beginning. As time has gone by, I have definitely become clearer about the people I want to represent with my music. Also, my voice has grown and my skills have improved. I’ve introduced different styles; people didnt even know that I sang until last year!


Mia: I love that you stay so true to yourself and that you know who you are. Do you ever feel any kind of pressure to fit into any box or that you should have a certain image as a female rapper?


Br3nya: No, I never feel pressured because I only do what comes naturally to me. Especially when it comes to different styles, because I really enjoy various types of music. So it's easy for me to jump on an American inspired beat and kill it and actually enjoy it. And it's also easy for me to jump on a drill track and also do well. If I ever did try those sounds, it would feel natural because I listen to all genres. 

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Mia: How did go about deciding on the features for the EP? 


Br3nya: Both collabs came about very naturally. I met Moliy through a friend and was  introduced to her music when I was in Ghana in 2020.  My boy was playing her music and I was like, “Oh, my gosh, this is great”. And I followed her on Instagram and then we started messaging each other to try to link because she lives in the US. When she came to London, we set up a session, and we just chilled, drank and just started talking about our life situation and relationship status at the time and decided to make a song about it, “No Lovin”. That was one of the best sessions I've had. We were genuinely so gassed about the song that we stayed in the studio till like 5am finishing it. Since then, we've worked so well together. 


With Tay, we just had a session where he played me some beats and a melody started coming to me from one of the keys. And that was when we made ‘Us’. I never knew he was going to be on the project.

Mia: Do you plan on touring with the EP?


Br3nya: I would definitely love to tour, I just I want enough people to hear it first for that to be possible, so my focus is on making it as big as possible first.


Mia: Can you tell us your experience with performing live so far?


Br3nya: I love performing live. That's literally my bag. I love every process of it. 


Mia: I can tell from watching the “No Lovin” video that you’re a natural performer! Can you tell us about the biggest highlight of your career so far? 


Br3nya: Glastonbury was definitely one. I didn't think that people in the crowd would know me because I wasn’t sure if it would be a demographic that's exposed to my music. But there were people in the crowd singing back to me and enjoying themselves, so that was an amazing experience. My headline show also. I remember my booking agent said that people who run the venue said that they haven't had a headline show like that since Stormzy’s first headline show! That will be a night that i’ll remember forever. I want to top that with the next one. And then obviously the release of my project. Everyone dreams of releasing their first project. And finally, it's out and I'm so proud of songs on there. 


Mia: When did you first start working on the EP?


Br3nya: About a year and a half/two years ago. But I feel like I've been making a project for a good four years because I had a project ready in 2020 that didn't come out for various reasons. Although none of those original songs made it to this album, I've been re-making the project in a sense. I think it's been two years in the making. The last year was mainly just mixing and mastering and shooting videos and the making of the music was the year before. 

Mia: We’d love to know, who would be your dream collab?


Br3nya: Wizkid. That’s when I would think “yeah, you're there”. I also think me and Ice Spice would make something really fun. 

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