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Straight off the back of his latest release ‘Get Gone’, BZ has his eye set on the rap crown, and he’s taking no prisoners.

Artist: BZ

Photographer: Amin McDonald

Stylist: Delenn Vaughn

Words: Gabe Coker

Studio: Projext Liquid Studios 


Just 20 years old and already boasting an eclectic discography, the Croydon-born rapper is making waves with his genre-blending sound and style. Drawing on a myriad influences from his Ghanain heritage and London upbringing, BZ’s afro-infused take on rap is refreshingly distinct. Carrying the torch for artists like J Hus and Pa Salieu, whilst simultaneously creating work that is wholly unique, is a tall order for any artist, yet BZ seems to revel in the notion that he’s taking charge of the rap game, all while carving out a lane of his own.

Having already released a slew of singles in 2022 to wide-spread acclaim from the likes of  Radio 1, it’s easy to see why BZ is storming through the ranks to UK greatness. His biggest hit to date ‘2 G’s’ garnered success as the backdrop to a scene from season 2 of TopBoy, with the gritty afro-rap beat soundtracking a particularly tense moment in the show, in turn racking up over one million streams on Spotify. But before ‘2 G’s’ and the sudden exposure of BZ’s artistry to a wider audience, he’d been refining his sound with an array of single-drops amidst a global pandemic. 

Through songs like ‘No Rules’, ‘Act A Fool’, ‘No Lay Lay’ and notably his 2020 release ‘Big Oga’, BZ has continued to cultivate his own sonic landscape and, over time, the bold and assertive energy he exudes has dripped into the fabric of his music. 


His latest track ‘Get Gone’ sees the South-London rapper reaching further into the melting pot of genres and styles he immerses himself within, emerging with a certified banger in his hands. Hard hitting and gloomy with a reverberating beat, ‘Get Gone’ expands lyrically and stylistically on his previous releases, with an ever darkening spin on the afro-rap firmware. Coupled with a playfully edgy hook that bounces over a cold and pronounced instrumental melody, BZ takes his time on ‘Get Gone’ to denounce any detractors and stake his claim as one to watch.

Listen to BZ’s latest track ‘Get Gone’ below:

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