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Hamburg born, London based singer/songwriter Celine Love speaks with Projext Liquid about falling in love with music, getting motivated and the release of her debut EP ‘Aquarius SZN'

Coming from a family of professional musicians Music has always been embedded into Celine’s DNA. From singing backing vocals for her mother to performing at events with her father, she has always been encouraged to pursue her dreams in music. 

After graduating with a master’s degree in song writing and production, The rising star has put her studies to good use. Crafted with expressive storytelling and self discovery she uses her African-American, Jamaican and German descent as a frequent point of perspective within her music

Listen to 'Aquarius SZN' below

Speaking on the EP, Celine says “Aquarius SZN’ showcases how much I value storytelling and working with concepts as a whole… The overreaching content of the project is a journey of self-love,  mending a broken heart and being honest about my fears. I’d like to hope it could help people to get comfortable with themselves, let in the dark thoughts to work through them and be honest with themselves as well.”

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Describe Celine Love in 3 words

Honest, Hopeful, Harmoniiiiiiiees

When did you fall in love with music and realise it was something you wanted to take seriously? 

When I was 11 years old I discovered songwriting through an exercise at a little workshop. That was a game-changer because I couldn't understand how the other kids got bored of it after 5 minutes.  I’d always loved singing but that's when I realised I could be an artist. So I finished the song myself, typed it up on my grandmother's computer, printed it off and hung it on my wall. I started learning guitar a few weeks later so that I could play gigs and am lucky to have gotten to do it ever since.

You released your debut ep ‘Aquarius SZN’ earlier this year, what was the inspiration behind it and how long has it been in the works? 

The EP was created with zero pressure and as a little creative escape during the third lockdown with TR33 in early 2021. I wanted to write something that captured how I felt at the time with all its ups and downs, heartbreaks, self-growth, excitement and fears about the future. Once all the songs were written I knew that we had created something unexpectedly special and I wanted to make sure I presented it to the world in the right way so took the time to finish it and develop the concepts around it. 

Do you have a favorite track from the EP?

‘Still Life’ is the underdog track because it wasn't a single but once I started playing it live, l quickly realised it had the most emotion behind it. It also has a more untraditional song structure and the outro is a lush cello and vocal arrangement I’m really proud of.

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You come from a family full of musicians, how was it growing up and what influence did this have on you? 

I absolutely loved it. It meant that I never considered anything other than music and was never questioned about wanting to pursue it myself. However, I was also very aware of the struggles and my parents were supportive but honest with me early on, telling me how I needed to improve etc. Sometimes a self-obsessed 15 year old just wants to hear that nothing will stand in the way of her dreams but that's not the reality. 

I also got to create my own network at a young age because I started gigging at my parent's shows and was offered a lot of great opportunities through the exposure. 

If you weren't doing music what do you think you would be doing ? 

At the moment it's impossible to see myself outside of the music industry and I would still be a part of it. I have a great supportive relationship with a lot of friends in music and although stressful in a lot of ways, the music business is fascinating to me. So I think I’d want to run a label and get to discover and help new artists, which I can actually see myself doing later down the line.

On the days where you don’t feel as motivated, what helps you stay focused? 

I wish this wasn't the case as much but often it's by comparing myself. 

I’ve never seen myself outside of the music industry and never questioned it because of how I grew up, so sometimes I take it for granted. When I see artists push boundaries and hustle harder than me because they've had to claw their way in and prove it to themselves and family etc I feel the need to match that energy and want to keep up. I’ts inspiring but can also be quite damaging. 

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If you had the chance to work with one artist dead or alive who would it be?

Jeff Buckley. I discovered him after moving out from home and connected to his art in a way I can’t quite explain. His emotion, the arrangements and the songwriting is something I really wish I could have the chance to experience and be a part of in person. He died a year after I was born…there's a sad lyric in there somewhere. 

What are you manifesting for 2022?

I am releasing super personal songs this year that have helped me understand who I am. I’m manifesting that anyone who could benefit similarly gets to hear them. Also that I cry happy instead of sad tears when looking at my bank statements. 

Lastly, I wouldn't mind being inspired to write a genuine love song. I’ts been a minute and it's my middle name after all. 

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Artist: Celine Love 

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