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Parisian born and London based, Alt Jazz singer/ songwriter Cha:dy is a breath of fresh air as she takes charge channelling her deep emotion and relatable lyrics through her music. Taking inspiration from her own struggles facing depression and anxiety, the rising artist demonstrates her smooth vocals and vulnerable lyrics with her latest track ‘Lazy’. Cha:dy chats to Projext Liquid about her musical influences and her future plans as she anticipates her EP release this Summer. 

Listen to 'Lazy' below

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How did you get into writing your music?

Sometimes I feel inspired for no reason, I’ll go for a walk and feel the urge to write in a little note book I keep with me. A lot of the time I write from things I have experienced or if family and friends have experienced something. I usually find some chords or maybe have a beat that my producer sends me, I start to hum some melodies and the lyrics will come along.

Who is your biggest inspiration in music at the moment?

I would say Rosalia, she’s amazing. She’s an artist from Spain who mixes flamenco, tribe and hip hop in her music. Her productions are very slick, very minimal and it's very melodious. I love how she mixes the two genres, it’s really beautiful.

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Let's dive into your single a little bit, what was the creative process like and how did you get to the final product?

It was a long process for me! My new single is called ‘Lazy’ and it’s about mental health, going through depression as a youngster and just being anxious all the time. I feel like everyone is kind of feeling like that at the moment, so I think people have really related to it. I was just starting to recover from my depression when I wrote it and I wanted to get out my experience in an artistic way. One night, I was feeling really inspired and found an old guitar loop that my producer sent me a while back. I was able to write the song in 20 minutes, it was so quick.

What’s your favourite lyric on the song?

My favourite lyric is “And I feel so numb and I feel so dumb, but I feel so dumb to feel so numb” because it’s really how you feel when you’re depressed. It’s like “why am I feeling this way” you kind of feel stupid feeling this way, but at the same time it's real emotion that you’re going through so you have to accept it too.

How have you been able to stay creative during the pandemic? 

For me I need to really set a routine otherwise it’s very easy for me to just not do anything. I usually plan my day, get up, maybe do some exercise and write a list of things I have to do. Writing and singing is always on my list. I don’t always follow the schedule, but I try as much as I can.

Who are you currently listening to at the moment?

I’m really into Wizkid’s new album, it’s really good. I’ve also been loving Jazmine Sullivan’s new project “Heaux Tails’, its so good. Nathy Peluso, she’s a Spanish / Argentinian artist and her new album is just a mix of different genres, she makes salsa, she makes trap, she raps, she does R&B, she’s just really amazing and people should check her out.

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What do you hope to accomplish this year?

I really want to finish this next single I’m preparing for you guys which is suppose to be coming out very soon. I’m also preparing the rest of my EP which I’m really excited about, it’s probably one of the most personal and really accomplished works I’m going to release since I started doing music professionally. I’m just really excited to share it with everyone because I’ve been sitting on these songs for so long and I feel like this is the right time to release them. 

Artist: Cha:dy
Photography by: Hashim Haji
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