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Talk about 'Throwback', how did the single come to life and what inspired the song?

I wrote Throwback at the start of 2020 after realising the majority of my demos were written about bittersweet past romantic situations that had hurt me and left me a little scared. However, what I hadn’t yet tapped into was the narrative that championed that first moment when you realise that you’re completely over someone who had  been living inside your head rent free for far too  long! I wanted to encapture that euphoric feeling of liberation & emotional freedom within a song, the verses are a little sassy & very much anecdotal as I love adding context for the listeners and providing  them with the backstory of what/who inspired me to write this. Although what is really important to me regarding the messaging behind the narrative is that I want the listeners to take the sentiment of moving on to pastors new and be able relate it to their own throwback scenarios, whether that’s being over a situation to do with; an ex, and old friend that hurt you or quite literally any situation that dragged you down for far too long, I want people to feel empowered and excited for what the future holds for them! 

How do you take time off to charge your creative batteries?

Staying super active helps to keep my mental and physical health in check, whether that’s weight training at the gym or going out on my bike in the fresh air. When I’m super in need of some down time to completely switch off I love indulging in a binge worthy series, my current obsessions are; the HBO series Euphoria , the Morning show on Apple TV &  last but not least my guilty pleasure - selling sunset on Netflix- sorry not sorry. 

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

This is a very hard question, the music scene is so exciting at the moment especially for women. I absolutely ADORE Snoh Aalegra, the energy her music embodies is ridiculously pure and authentic. SZA would have to be my ultimate dream collab, CTRL has to be one of my favourite albums of all time, whenever I listen to it it takes me straight back to my teenage years, the awkwardness and naivety that we all wore on our sleeves and are still very much carrying with us now- we’ve just learnt to hide it a little better!. The album represents that era so seamlessly. SZA ft Eloise Massimo would be a blend of rich vocals paired with autobiographical driven lyrics that somehow still feel personal but still relatable to the listener all laid out across a dreamy beat.

What's next for you? 

I’m currently sitting on a bad boy piece of information.

No, just joking. My plans for the rest of the year are to finish up some more new tunes so that I’m ready to release some exciting material in the new year. I’m hoping to start 2021 with some live performances all permitting Miss Rona cuts us some slack.

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At just 22 years old R&B singer songwriter Eloise Massimo brings a fresh voice to the industry. Drawing inspiration from past experiences, she bursts onto the scene with her debut single 'Rebound' back in January, an infectious soul infused R&B track about a bittersweet Rebound relationship.

With the success of racking up over 4k streams, the young songstress released her second single 'Poison' produced by Jack Vasilliou (Sipprell) showcasing how flawlessly she blends her soulful R&B tones to an upbeat pop track. 

She continues to raise the bar and shows just how versatile she really is with her latest release 'Throwback'. The pop orientated single stems from a place of pure liberation and emotional freedom with its catchy hook and anecdotal versus. 


We caught up with Eloise to get a little insight into who she is as an artist and her journey so far. 

Listen to Eloise Massimo's latest single 'THROWBACK'

Hi Eloise, how have you been doing?

I’m doing really well thank you, besides the fact that I can’t experience hearing WAP blasted in the club... but we move…

Let talk a little about you, where did you grow up and how did you get started in music?

I grew up in a sleepy little village just outside of Sutton. It was super suburban so this environment acted as a catalyst for me to want to be part of something fast paced & exciting which resulted in me falling in love with performing & creative experiences. I began performing in a variety of musicals for many years, it wasn’t until sixth form that I made the transition to study music as a singular art form that’s when I realised It was the aspect of performance that I had the most fun with!

You write all of your own music, when did you realise this was something you could do?

Yes, I feel so lucky to be able to articulate my thoughts & feelings this way, I usually am very upbeat in my everyday demeanour and don’t like to show my vulnerable side to others very often, so for me writing is a way of allowing myself to process all these emotions. I realised that writing music was something I could do at the start of last year, so not long ago! I’ve always had a big passion for singing and creative writing. i would have writing sessions with a friend and would freestyle melodies that felt good in the moment then come up with narratives that felt cohesive sonically, it helped develop my confidence massively working closely with someone I trusted. After that I began to expand my musical network and collaborate with some other producers to see what worked best for me. 

You released your debut single 'Rebound' back in January, what has it been like for you trying to make it in music?    

January feels like years ago! With what’s happening at the moment in the world it feels like the longest yet shortest year we’ve ever experienced. When I first started making music last year I literally knew nobody in the music industry and had zero idea of how I was going to navigate my way through the year as a new artist, but as the months have gone by I’ve been reaching out and connecting with a variety of other creatives and expanding my network which has allowed me to feel really positive and excited about what the future holds. 

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