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Fusing her soulful vocals with R&B sounds, Swedish artist Juli Capelius takes on a fresh new genre she likes to call ‘Space Soul’. Proving to be Sweden’s best kept secret, we caught up with the rising artist to talk about her upcoming EP, Fashion inspirations and finding her sound in music. 


After studying music for many years, she released her first single as an independent artist, “Bloom”, a soft, ambient, space inspired love story before later releasing her most recent track “Gemini”, a playful yet bittersweet story about the life of an indecisive Gemini.


Gearing up for the release of her Debut EP 'I ruined the relationship with the love of my life' later this year, she says “It's about my love life. Every song is about a different relationship or a different stage of my relationship with myself. Almost every song is produced by a different person, and I did that deliberately because I wanted to enhance the fact that every song is about a different person or period".

Listen to 'Gemini' below


Describe yourself in three words
Emotional, messy and easily amused 


What can you say about your journey in music so far?

My journey in music is very connected to my own personal journey and healing. I've been struggling with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember and that had a huge impact on my music and my art form. I've studied music for many years but I've had problems with performance anxiety. That shit really got in my way. I loved making music, loved being on stage but after I had performed or played my music for someone I would just lay in my bed and cry because I never felt satisfied. I almost felt embarrassed, you know? But the last 2 years I've grown so much as a person and I have found my way back to creating music for myself and myself only. Making music and being on stage is now my main source of happiness and I'm so grateful for that. 

As an independent artist, what does having that freedom mean to you and your creativity?

Oh man it means EVERYTHING! Music is so much more to me than just music. It's very important to me that everything around my music enhances the feeling of it. From the album covers, to promotion videos, live performances, stage outfits and make-up. I wanna be the one who decides which make-up artists i wanna work with, what producer, photographer and so on. I try to focus on upcoming people in the industry, they are often more creative and open-minded. I wanna grow with them! 


Talk to us about your latest single ‘Gemini’, what’s it about?
I wrote Gemini about 4 years ago when I was studying music. I had a bit of an identity crisis at that time. I wanted to be this really serious person with big plans for the future and saving money bla bla bla but at the same time I just wanted to go on raves and get plastered every weekend. That is the story of my life I guess, always torn between two opposites. I started to get into astrology at a young age. I remember buying a little book about geminis when I was about 12 or something. Me and my friend were laying in this bunk bed, completely silent and just shouting SHIT, OH MY GOD, WHAT from time to time because we were so blown away by all the stuff this weird little book knew about us. I've always carried that with me, that my indecisiveness can be "blamed" on my star sign. I guess that is what "Gemini" is about. The prejudices of being a Gemini but also the rather unsexy way of blaming your bad sides on a freaking star sign haha. 

The song is such a vibe! What were your inspirations for the track and how long has it been in the works?
Thank you! I wanted the lyrics to really highlight the indecisiveness of being a gemini but I also wanted to put a lot of humor in it. Astrology is so interesting and I love it  BUT it can also be really corny. Writing "Gemini" was a really fun way of experimenting with making fun of myself but also trying to explain to people how my mind works. When it came to the production everything just fell in to place when I had sessions with Kalle Erkenborn (aka family_time). He understood the ambient, flowy and organic sound I wanted. I wanted "Gemini" to feel like a bike ride in nature or the feeling of floating on a cloud in space and oddly enough, Kalle totally understood what I meant. 


You describe your sound as ‘space- soul’, explain what that is for people who may not be familiar with your music yet
Im REALLY bad at explaining things when I'm in sessions with producers. I always explain things in feelings or weird metaphors. I talked to my manager Robin about that and about my music one day and I realised that I almost always describe the sounds I want as "spacey" to the producers. I think it was my manager that said "so why not call it spacesoul?". It's basically soul/rnb with a lot of atmosphere, ambience and flowy sounds. Maybe a state of mind I want to put my listeners in, a little trip through nature and space. 


Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?
Mainly my mom! I think she is going to be so shocked if she reads this because I've always teased about her clothes and her weird separation anxiety she gets when she's about to throw away clothes. But as Ive gotten older I've realized how much she has inspired me! We always went second hand shopping when I was little and she has always expressed herself throughout her clothes and shoes. She is truly a fashion icon and I'm so thankful for the weird clothes she has not been able to throw away because now I get to wear all these cool pieces from the 80s and 90s!  

If you had the chance to work with one artist dead or alive who would it be?
Kurt Cobain for sure. He's been a huge inspiration and made a big impact on me throughout my teenage years. I remember sitting on my really slow computer and googeling Nirvana lyrics when I was like 13 and read them as books. His stage presence was just enchanting to me too. So effortless but also really intense. 

What are you manifesting for the remainder of the year?
Here are four things I manifest every day: 

1. My music reaching an audience abroad. 

2. Being able to quit my 9-5 and just make music and art - EVERY DAY.

3. Not losing my mind. 

4. For my ass to keep getting thicker and thicker. 

Artist: Juli Capelius

Photographer: Robin Smedman

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