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In the know with Kenya Grace, we caught up with the English singer songwriter to share with us her musical firsts and favourites. - From the first time she wanted to be an artist to the first song she ever made. Compared to the likes of Nao and Flume with her R&B melodies and smooth electronic vibes, the self taught producer gives us an insight into her creative journey as an artist. 


Growing up listening to soul music played by her parents, these influences can be heard throughout her music with the release of her two singles 'Tell me why' and 'Obsessed' back in 2019 and her latest drop 'Talk'. In a time where self reflection seems most fitting, Kenya dug deep with the creativity behind 'Talk', spreading a message of empowerment in times when people fill trapped or powerless. As described by Kenya herself the song is "an acknowledgment of a taxic relationshiop and a decision to not take a persons shit anymore" 

Listen to Kenya Grace's latest release 'TALK' below 


What was the first song you made?

the first song I made was something I wrote in my room when I got my first keyboard in primary school. I think the chorus went something like this “notice me” haha 


When was the first time you realised you wanted to be a musician?

I think I realised I wanted to do this properly in college. I actually swapped courses from history and English literature to just do music which was definitely the best idea! 


What was the first CD you owned?

The first CD I owned was Bat for Lashes- Two Suns! Still obsessed with this!



What was the first song you release officially?

The first song I released was a song I made called Obsessed.


What first got you into music?

I got into music through musical theatre which I absolutely loved but then realised I wanted to branch out and started to write songs and got into production. 


First instrument you owned and learnt to play?

The first instrument I owned was a very beat up second hand Yamaha keyboard.


What is your favourite part about being an artist?

My favourite part of being an artist is writing and creating. I love the freedom of being able to express my emotions through words and sounds just in my room. 


What is your favourite lyric you’ve heard or written?

 “I’m not your therapist and your a narcissist, a game you can’t resist” 


What is your favourite thing to do in your free time?
if I’m not writing or singing, I love spending time with my friends either at the pub or doing something creative


What is your favourite song/ cover to perform?

I have recently done a lot of covers on my Instagram and the one I had most fun with was American Boy - Estelle 


Who is you favourite band or singer?

My favourite singer has got to be Amy Winehouse she was just the best.



1. I started singing when I was 10 and did my first play at the end of year 6 

2. I was one of the winners of the ISawItFirst Competition. 

3. I was born in South Africa. 

4. I was raised in Southampton 

5. Went to university at ACM in Guildford 

6. Moved to London 3 months ago

7. I actually have naturally blonde hair!

8. My favourite food is chips

9. I used to play hockey for Hampshire! 

10. If I’m not doing music then you will find me at the pub hehe 

Listen to the 10 Tracks that inspire Kenya below 


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