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With his chilled demeanour and raw authentic lyrics, Birmingham born artist LANDEL, continues to make a name for himself. Starting out as a music video director before releasing his debut single back in 2018, the R&B artist has been sharing his story taking inspiration from his own life experience.


In LANDEL’s words, “My latest song is about being by yourself and learning more about yourself. Not forcing things and taking breaks when you need to. I went through a difficult breakup and things got a bit messy, I just wanted to be real about it” 


Projext Liquid sits with LANDEL to talk about life in lockdown and the inspiration behind his songs. 

Listen to LANDEL'S latest track 'Rest' below

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What got you into music?

I was writing songs and shooting videos for another artist, we started going to the studio together and I kind of fell into it. Once I started writing songs, I wanted to bring them to life. 


How are you finding lockdown?

We’ve been in lockdown for ages now! My life hasn’t really changed through lockdown, it’s been pretty much the same. If anything, it’s been better because I’ve had more time to myself and been able to learn more about myself. 

How has your creative process changed?

It’s changed a lot. When I first started making music, I used to go into the studio, sit with an engineer and they’ll tell me how to do everything. Now I go into do not disturb mode. Writing is like my therapy; I write stories about my life.  

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If you could collab with anyone, who would it be?

J Cole, I just want to tell the best story with him. Melodically, Bryson tiller because what he does it sick. 

Where would you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I defiantly want to be living off my music, I feel like I don’t really have too much of a plan in terms of where I want to be. The overall goal is to do music, I don’t want to get to a certain level of fame or money, these things don’t really bother me I just want to be able to enjoy it. I feel like if I ever did get too big, I would pull out and back away for a bit because I don’t want to be too much in the spotlight. 

Artist: Landel

Photographer: Hashim Haji

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