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Sydney based songwriter and musician Liyah Knight has stirred a new energy into the Australian music scene, effortlessly combining genres to create a unique sound that is truly her own. Following the kinetic release of her debut EP ‘Nesting’, Knight returns this year with stunning new project ‘Travellers Guide’, unveiling it as the next instalment in defining her artistic identity and constant flourishment.


Armed with a voice and sense of storytelling that is both intensely personal and yet immediately accessible, the 25-year old has emerged as a bright new voice that Australia is finally waking up and taking due notice of. Based around Kelley and Conner’s Emotional Cycle of Change, 'Travellers Guide’ is a musical exploration centred on discovering new sides to ourselves. Through it, Liyah opens herself up to being vulnerable on record and exploring love and the emotions new experiences can provoke.


Projext Liquid sits with Liyah to talk on her latest EP release, feeling vulnerable and what plans she has next. 

Listen to 'Travellers Guide' below


Describe Liyah Knight in three words. 

Empathetic, reserved, honest


When was the first time you realised you wanted to be an artist? 

I've known I was an artist since Miss Fields' English class, but I only realised I wanted to be a musician a few years ago. I'd accumulated a bunch of poems and wanted to do something with them. 


You effortlessly combine genres to create your sound, how do you decide what direction  to take when making your music? 

I think I attach certain sounds to experiences and feelings, based off my past listening experiences, then draw upon different sounds depending on the story I’m trying to tell through music. 

How did your latest EP “Travellers Guide” come about? Talk us though the creative process. 

Tasker and I wrote Threads, then I proceeded to write a bunch of songs with the same story arc. It kind of felt like I was stuck in a loop/writing about the same experience. So I did some research and stumbled upon the idea of an emotional cycle of change, which is a voluntary process. From there, we fleshed out this cycle and each song kind of worked as a guide. It was super cathartic.


What was the first song you decided to feature on the EP?

Threads. It was nothing like I'd ever made before and that excited me


You open yourself up to being vulnerable and explore the emotions love and new experiences  can provoke. Is this an experience you’ve gone through personally? Where did you draw your  inspiration from? 

Yup! Classic case of unrequited love. Didn't feel particularly lovely at the time, but I think I've learned a lot about myself. I also had a friendship breakup just after Nesting, so it felt like I was dealing with that grief too and making space for light through exploring a bunch of sounds I didn't know.


What does happiness mean to you? 

Being your own home wherever you go. 


What’s one thing people don’t know about you that they should? 

I've worn glasses since first grade.

When was the first time you felt like giving up and how did you overcome this? 

I haven't felt this, to be honest. Granted, I've only been sharing music for twelve months and I do hear stories of artists burning out. I guess allowing yourself rest days can be one preventative measure. Also keeping good company that are real with you, being stubborn with your vision, but flexible with your approach.  


What are you working on next?

I'm featuring on a single at the end of the year, which I'm really excited about then we have a few shows lined up before New Year. It's been nice being back in the studio. I'm just letting life lead me at the moment, so we'll see what's next.

Artist: Liyah Knight

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