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East London born and raised, Lylo Gold is a reminder that UK R&B is here to stay. The soulful songstress continues to raise the bar with her sultry sound and versatile vocals. A clear product of her 90’s predecessors, she brings a modern feel to her take on life, lessons and love.

Lylo had a music filled childhood; hearing her Jamican father sing ‘Lovers Rock’ and her mother, also hailing from East London (Grenadian, Senagalese and Polish descent), being a fan of ‘Jungle Music’, encouraging her to sing along. So it’s of no surprise that the singer/songwriter found her voice at the tender age of seven, music is in her bones. She initially did not want to pursue a singing career, she had aspirations of becoming a vet! It was her sister who persuaded her to pick up the mic and gift us all with the voice that is the Lylo Gold we hear today.

Lylo has been inspired by artists like her idol Mariah Carey to Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Jazmine Sullivan. She has developed a raw and vulnerable sound as a result of experiences with love and life, which is enhanced through the honesty of her lyrics allowing us to connect with her on a deeper level.

After a successful sold out headline performance in her East London home town Lylo was set to be a global R&B sensation. Previously tipped by The Fader, MOBO and AfroPunk, she is definitely one to watch and is well on her way to her dream of being one of the biggest Black, British Female artists.

Following the release of her debut EP ‘Heartache & Wray,’ at which time she was in a self-confessed “bad space... surrounded by weird people”, everything has changed, she is focused on doing what feels good and back with a sensual serving that packs power, punch and passion.


When did you first become interested in music? 

I come from a very musical household. My mum played music all the time, she would encourage us to dance and my dad is a Reggae Lovers Rock artist. I really can’t remember at what moment I said “I want to be an artist”, but it was probably when I first performed to 500 people at the age of 11 and received a standing ovation. I remember wanting that feeling every single day. 


How would you describe your music to someone who may not know it yet? 

I wouldn’t. I don’t think you can really place my music in a box, but if I had to define it, I would say that it’s a fusion of R&B, Pop and Trap Soul. 

What inspires you creatively as an artist? 

Life. I am constantly inspired by different things and people, the people in my life shape my creativity. Sometimes I’ll be sitting on a train, I’ll hear someone say something, have a “eureka” moment and will end up writing something quirky whilst looking a little bit crazy. People tend to leave me alone when this happens LOL. 


What is your favourite thing to write about? 

Love and sex. I’m pretty obsessed with this generation's fascination with perfection. Love sucks sometimes, it can be toxic, but it’s a lesson. I like to be honest because I grew up feeling resentful at Disney’s ‘happily ever after’ ideologies. You believe that if you’re pretty and obedient that you’ll find love, you’ll get married, have babies and everything will be good. It’s inaccurate; you’re fed this belief about love that is incredibly obtuse and intangible. 

You released your latest work ‘Foreplay’ during lockdown, how did you find releasing new music during these difficult times? 

Releasing music period is weird. If anything it allowed me to overcome my normal ‘pre release’ anxieties as everything about life has been pretty uncertain. I’ve enjoyed seeing myself grow and watching others grow in this forced, but much needed break. I have been inspired by incredible artists, had some of the best sessions and made great connections. I’ve loved it. 


Now that lockdown has eased up, what are you most looking forward to? 

The cinema. I want an action movie, with an overpriced coke and popcorn please!!! I’ve so missed going out on dates... I love a little date!

Listen to Lylo Gold's latest release 'FOREPLAY' below: 

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