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If you’re a fan of Alté Afro- fusion music then Nigerian born, London based artist Marzi is one to watch with his distinctive sound and smooth vocals, he is undoubtedly carving his own lane in the music industry.


The 21-year-old found his passion growing up in a musical household, influenced by his parents to everything from Afrobeats, Dancehall and Pop to artists like Michael Jackson P-square, Chris brown, and Wizkid, he knew he wanted to pursue music from an early age. - "I admire music that is very different from what people are used to and feel each of them are pioneers in their own right"

Since producing his debut EP ‘Her Fantasy’ back in 2019, Marzi has gone strength to strength as he allows you to drift away in his infectious melodies and effortlessly delivers his soothing vocals with every song. With over 55,000 monthly listeners, It seems lockdown had a positive impact on Marzi’s musical journey as he released a further 6 singles alongside his EP ‘Fairytale’ back in 2020. Speaking on this he says, “I make music that allows you to feel everything from the melodies I sing to the sounds that make up the beat, 5 stories in total with 5 different emotions” 

From working with musical powerhouse Ayüü on his four track EP “Fuzion: Ready When Ü Are” to his most recent collab with multi-genre artist Odeal, featuring on his latest single “Na You”, Marzi is making waves, breaking through the Dancehall/ Afrobeats market which has a certified presence in the UK. 

His latest single "Hustler" is out now on all platforms

Listen to 'Hustler' below

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How did you come up with the name Marzi?

I got the name Marzi when I was in my cousins’ studio before I started making music, he told me to lay a verse on something just for fun and then asked what I would call myself as an artist. I’ve always seen myself as out of this world like an alien on Mars, but I wanted to switch it up with ‘Zi’ at the end. 


If you weren’t an artist, what career would you have liked to pursue instead?

Probably acting or modelling 


When did you realise you wanted to do music and what inspires you to do it?

Life. I’ve always wanted to do music since I was a kid but fully was probably 2018. Growing up my mum and dad really loved music and I just developed an ear for it. Everything I hear can be a melody. It lets me speak my thoughts through music and allows me to be more expressive. Michael Jackson has been a huge influence in my life and also inspires a lot of my music. 

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Have you got any dream collaborations? 

Raye, she’s very sick and Pa salieu.


How would you describe your sound? 

It’s a fusion of a whole bunch of genres from dancehall, R&B and afro. I listen to a lot of different sounds so put them together to create something sweet.

Explain what 'TADGS' means?

Its my artist tag and trademark which stands for “This ah di greatest sound”. Its how I visualise my art which has now developed into a collective of artist and producers. It includes myself, Forwes, EC and producer Enzo Fresh. We all work as a powerhouse to create music that stands out as a whole, bringing refreshing and unique sounds.

You recently worked with Odeal, What was that like? 

He’s my brother, we’re like family. We’re always together and record at home all the time so it was normal. The song did really well, and I knew people were going to like it especially as the sample resonates with a lot of west Africans.

What’s next for you, where do you see yourself in the next year or so?

What’s next is a summer single and video, I have songs ready just need to pick and finalise what’s coming next. I’m always growing and changing so hopefully in the next year I see myself with an EP and crazy visuals with some new supporters.

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Artist: Marzi

Photographer: JaVanie Stephens

Stylist: Joy Ogunbambo

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