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The Honeyed Voice of Afropop

Artist: Moliy

Photographer: LC


Hair: Estyl_ish


Words: Olabode Otolorin

Studio: Projext Liquid Studios 


Since 2020, Moliy has sprung to become one of the newest voices to keep a tab on in Afropop. Utilizing her soft, delightful voice, each song Moliy writes, creates, or features on is seasoned with her style, her nuance, and her boundless charisma. This amalgam of rare abilities powered SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY, a highlight on Amaarae’s album, catapulting both the artists and the song to intercontinental discovery. From there on, Moliy’s career has continued to flourish, with the Ghanaian artist showing flickers of brilliance on further releases. 

While a lot of Afropop is inspired by grand romantic gestures or hedonistic thrills, Moliy’s sound, which is reliant on her infectious voice emits a sensual feeling. Sometimes having a preference for sweet-sounding melodies, Moliy favors subjects such as relationship harmony, the push and pull between independence and romantic longing whilst telling raw, vulnerable stories. As such, the bright and engrossing “In A Loop” with BOJ unfurled the soul-baring singer’s honeyed voice, melting listeners into the whispery quality of the song.

Continuing her widespread success, Moliy has released a new pack of eight songs titled “Honey Doom”. With Honey Doom, listeners get an even deeper picture of Moliy, her confident self commanding upbeat songs like “Hard” and “Freak” and her lovelorn frustrations fully represented on “Prisoner”. Honeydoom is eight tracks of pure musical expansion for Moliy, and for the first time, listeners see that there’s a lightness and liveliness to Moliy. “I wanted to create an emotion that depicted all the different confusing things I’ve been feeling,” Moliy says, breaking down the concept of her new EP.

On a song like 'Human', Moliy’s instinct for diaristic storytelling shines through enhanced by the smooth blend of solemn piano keys and muted percussion. Held together by the softened textures of R&B which she blends into her Afropop sound, with Moliy finding solace as she spills her emotions. 

“I want women to take away that it’s more than okay to ask for what they want in life and they deserve every good thing that’s coming their way,” the singer says during a chat two weeks after the project’s release. “And for men, l hope you learn to love yourself so you can love a woman the way they deserve.

We caught up with Moliy to talk about her career and putting together her EP.

Listen to Moly's EP below.


Where does your love of music stem from? 

I’d say making music comes really naturally to me and I love the idea of creating something beautiful out of life’s experiences. Also, I don’t see why I would live without it as I have no doubt I’m living in my purpose.


How would you define your sound?

It’s vibrant, full of color & love, with a big boost of confidence. It can be sad sometimes but it’s always optimistic and hopeful, just like me, cos even the Baddest Bs can cry too. 


How has your sound evolved since the release of your debut EP ‘WONDERGIRL’?

Seeing the response to Wondergirl was obviously very reassuring for me, the love I’ve been getting really gave me a newfound confidence, I've been able to trust myself and my creative instincts more. That really is the best medicine for any artist, confidence, and I know people can hear it in the sound.


To me, it’s such a rich concoction of sounds, eras and movements. How do you successfully combine all of these elements?

If I tell you I’d have to kill you, just kidding...But really it’s hard to put into words, I like to think God and the universe gives me the inspiration, besides that, I just go with the flow and feel of things.

Your EP is great. What was the creative process behind it?

For Honeydoom, I knew I wanted to play around with different genres, so I’m blessed to be able to work with diverse producers that totally understood my vision. I would hop on beats that excite me, that evoke a certain type of emotion from me, if I don’t feel it, we’re not making magic. 


Walk me through the themes and concepts behind the new project. 

I wanted this project to feel connected in a way, kind of like each track is an episode into the Honeydoom story, one that starts with a sweet cry for love and loyalty with Together and then ends on a more sour and detached note with Human. It feels like a sad ending but it’s not, cause the heroine ends up cutting off all the villains in her life, so now there’s room for a new story in her life to unfold.

The EP title ‘Honey Doom’ is quite oxymoronic, what is the deeper meaning there?

You’re right it is, I wanted to create an emotion that depicted all the different confusing things I’ve been feeling, to define the essence of the project perhaps. On one hand, I’m really happy and grateful to be alive and be having this experience as a real artist. But there are so many other things that try to weigh me down at times, be it losing love and friendships or real-life problems. 


My life has been hanging in the balance, like a true Libra, but I’m going to tip the scales soon, I’m declaring it ‘soft life chose me’ and I only want the good things in life now, thank you baby Jesus.


What do you want listeners to take away from the EP?

I want women to take away that it’s more than okay to ask for what they want in life and that they deserve every good thing that’s coming their way. And for men, l hope you learn to love yourself so you can love a woman the way they deserve, thanks for coming to my Ted talk. 

Why do you create music? 

To heal, to release, and share my light with the world.


Where do you want to take your artistry?

My artistry is limitless, I will like to take my sound to the whole world, then I’m gonna take on new challenges that excite my passion and continue to grow, where to only God knows. 

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