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21-year-old singer-songwriter Monét has been creating quite a buzz recently and 2021 is set to be her year. Despite the difficulties faced in the creative industry last year, the rising artist shared with us ‘Apple Bottom Jeans’ featuring Zino Vinci and her latest single ‘One of those days’. 

Growing up in South East London, Monét’s delicate vocals blended with soulful R&B undertones and her poetic lyricism is a true reflection of her early influences, from writing poetry at the age of eight to listening to R&B/Soul icons, Solange, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott. 

We caught up with Monét to talk about her music influences and how it’s been creating during a pandemic.  

Listen to Monét's latest track 'One of those days' below


Who has been your inspiration when talking about your music and sound?

Definitely a big one would be Solange. I was listening to her first project the other day and it just sounds so different from the music she makes now. I really like her development as an artist because you can tell when she started to do her own thing. It’s not just her singing, it’s her creative directing and the whole package. 


How has it been creating music during the pandemic?

It’s been a bit difficult because the things I usually write about are based off my own experiences, being at home I haven’t experienced anything. So, it has been a bit difficult in that aspect, I’ve had to find different sources for my writing, it’s been a challenge but also interesting. 


What lead to that release?

I created my last single during lockdown last year which I was going to release that summer. It’s a summer tune but in that moment in time I wasn’t ready so left it for a bit.


Name a song that reminds you of your childhood?

'Sweet Like Chocolate'- Shanks & Bigfoot


What's song that made you get into music?

'Come see me' -Jill Scott


What's a song you can listen to all day?

'Half-crazy' -Ojerime


Tell us a guilty pleasure song?

'Sweater Weather' - The Neighbourhood


What artist would you like to collaborate with?

I love A2, he’s cold and always showing me love which I really appreciate. Knucks also, I think there’s so many people in the UK that I really respect.


What is the best advice you’ve been given so far?

Don’t watch what other people are doing because it can throw you off your game and don’t be afraid to experiment. In music there are no rules, even though a lot of people try to stick with what’s popping and what’s hot, it’s always good to experiment.


Is there any things in your career you would want to experiment with? 

With music I listen to so many different genres, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Jungle, Funky House. I could even experiment with jungle, I don’t want to limit myself to anything so definitely. 


Who are your favourite artists?

Jaydonclover, she’s amazing. BINA. again amazing. Zino Vinci, Joe James, I have a whole UK playlist on.


What would you like your music to be remembered for?

I like to think of my music as very warm so definitely the feeling that it gives.

Artist: Monét

Photographer: Amin McDonald

Interview Kido Osakwe

Stylist Les Studios, Jacklyn 

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