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London artist PNVSN drops his much anticipated new single 'Devil In The Detail', a nostalgic RnB track addressing the troubles faced in a relationship. PNVSN chats to us about his lockdown experience and speaks on the inspiration behind his latest single. 

Listen to 'Devil In The Detail' below.

As a kid growing up, singing and songwriting was his unfiltered but rawest form of communication. Energy is contagious and music is his medium. It has always been a way of expressing every emotion with hopes of someday sharing it with the world. As he breaks down perspectives on not just the world around him, but relatable, everyday occurrences, the desired aim is for listeners to connect with and envision PNVSN’s world whilst simultaneously experiencing a world of their own through their lens.

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How have you been? What have you been up to during lockdown?

Lockdown has brought about a rollercoaster of emotions from experiencing frustration to happiness. I’ve been planning my next few music releases and trying to be as creative as possible with the concepts behind them.


Congratulations on your latest release, ‘Devil in the details’. How do you feel now that it’s out in the world? 

Thank you! Honestly, it feels like a long time coming. My hope for people when they listen is to of course relate deeply with this song but also reminisce abut their own love stories and relate it to their perspective on love now. Hopefully they can soberly reflect on the pain experienced, but also have the ability to objectively look at what could’ve improved and apply it to future relationships. 

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What was the inspirations behind it and how did it come to life? 

The inspiration behind Devil In the Detail was actually my last relationship. I felt like as we moved further along in the relationship, there were significant differences and cracks in the foundations of the relationship that we didn’t necessarily address in time. Devil In the Detail is a revisionism of the overlooked areas and signs that showed incompatibility. I challenge myself in the hook of the song by asking a rhetorical question of ‘so why you asking?’ to emphasise the clarity of the signals beforehand ;that I already knew the answer to), that indicated we’d be better off going our separate ways.

When did you first know that you wanted to be an artist?

The foundations of artistry was set early on in my life. I was heavily involved the choir at church and was the keyboardist for the choir. My dad had bought me a keyboard at 10 where I would song-write and teach myself chord progressions to write better songs.

Throughout secondary school and my involvement in many performances with my school, I grew more fond of the idea of being an artist and at 17 I decided I’d pursue music and my artistry. 

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If you could collab with any artist (dead or alive), who would they be?

I would love to collab with Bryson Tiller. I derive inspiration from many artists but the debut release of Trapsoul shaped a particular moment of my life where I discovered a new sound and a new vibe that I hadn’t heard before. His impact on me at that particular time of his breakout into the scene was so spectacular for me to the point where I wanted to emulate his style, his aesthetic and his sound. His seamless ability to transition between rapping and singing on RnB/Trap beats was like nothing I had ever heard. 

What are you most looking forward to when things are slightly more back to normal?

When we gain some sort of normalcy, I’m looking forward to connecting with fans of my music and sharing my experiences with them and connecting with them through live performances. The ultimate immersion and connection with music is through live performance. The thrill and the vibrations felt with music you connect with is unmatched because it’s a connection with the body and the mind. Those experiences are lodged in your mind forever. So to be able to create great musical experiences with lovers of my music would be amazing.

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