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Äyanna invites Mneliaa and Tamera to join her on the 'London Girls Mix'.

JustDropped: "Girlfriend (London Girls Mix)" - Äyanna ft. Mnelia & Tamera 🔈

East London Artist Äyanna breaths new life into her hit single "Girlfriend", collaborating with Mnelia and Tamera on the "London Girls Mix". This revamped version of the song showcases the immense talents of all three artists and injects fresh energy into the track.

Speaking on the track Äyanna says:

“Working with Tamera and Mnelia for the Girlfriend remix felt like such a no-brainer, because they are two ultra talented RnB artists in the uk who are fellow lover girls like myself. Our chemistry was perfect and the energy flowed in the studio. They both brought a different energy to the song which you can hear when you listen. I love how they added their own essence to the track whilst continuing the energy of vulnerability that the original version had.”

Retaining the essence of the original track, the remix remains mellow and loved-up while each artist brings their unique style and undeniable talents. Tamera adds her touch of grit and charisma, Äyanna's smooth vocals continue to shine and Mnelia's contribution adds an extra layer of love and affection.

Listen to "Girlfriend (London Girls Mix)"


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