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Currently Listening to Mnelia’s "Genesis" Remix featuring Bellah, Miraa May and Joyce Wrice.


After exploding onto the scene in 2020 with her breakout single “Say Yeah”, North-West London’s Mnelia has fast become one to watch. With her irresistible melodies, flawless vocals and healthy dose of nostalgia, she is already taking the lead in the evolution of British R&B.

Delivering her 10-track EP “Closure Tapes” last month we saw appearances from Kwengface on “White Lies”, Jayla Darden on “Lalala” and an incredible all-star feature on “Genesis” Remix with Miraa May, Bellah and Joyce Wrice.

Now back with fresh new visuals for the track, it embodies everything that classic R&B should from its infectious lyrics to group dance shots, this one is a testament to the quality of UK R&B as it continues to flourish and adds to what has been a great year for Mnelia.

Speaking on the track Mnelia says, “When it comes to R&B, remixes have a special home and I always knew that the first time I did one, it would have to be amazing. So it was a no-brainer calling my sisters up to shell it with me".

If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to Mnelia’s latest EP “Closure Tapes” above and check out the visual for ‘Genesis’.


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