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Downtown Kayoto Releases His New Single ‘Changed It’ and Announces his EP ‘Learning In Public’

Zimbabwe born, Hull based artist Downtown Kayoto continues to forge his path as he shares his new single ‘Changed It’, taken from his forthcoming EP ‘Learning in public’.

Combining elements of R&B, indie and UK garage, the experimental artist analyses the profound effect love can have on anyone.

Downtown Kayoto explained:

“I made this in a time in which I got into a big fight/argument with my ex. At the time I made it, I thought I was at my worst and things couldn’t get any worse, but boy was I wrong. What shortly followed was my worst. I got scared for a long time because it was like the things, I wrote foreshadowed the future, so for a long time I was scared to talk ill of myself in my music. I was only experiencing the “I’m still a mess” bit of the song but I clung onto the “unless I change it” part for hope. It was me choosing to use commas instead of full stops, I am a mess, I’m all over the place, and up until now I’m piecing things together but I will be okay, we all will be… I truly believe this in my core.”

His 6-track EP ‘Learning in Public’ features previously release singles ‘in2you’ and ‘Run from you’ and is set to release 15th June.


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