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East London Singer songwriter JVCK JAMES shares cinematic visuals for his track "Hennessy Tears"

Taken from his most recent EP “On the rocks” released back in April, Hennessy Tears is a soulful and dreamy track with a smooth beat alongside rhythmic vocals and profound lyrics about being overwhelmed by falling in love.

Directed by Filmawi, the visuals reflect the sleek feel of the song and follow JVCK as he passionately performs the song in an isolated, picturesque location.

Speaking on the track, he says "I wrote Hennessy Tears about the honeymoon phase of a relationship. The thought of bearing your soul & opening up to someone new is never easy, but can turn out to be beautiful. I teamed up with “Filmawi” to create a one-take conceptual performance video. I think everyone will have their own take on the video, but for me the particles represent the energy/feelings that are emitted throughout each lyric and how it connects to the wider vibration of all things around us.”


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