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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: SVETLANA Unleashes Her Captivating New Single and Live Session "You Don't Know Me"

Emerging from the depths of raw emotion and unfiltered creativity, London-based singer-songwriter SVETLANA dares to Erupt Boundaries with Her Electrifying New Single "You Don't Know Me" from her much-anticipated debut EP 'Rage'.

'YDKM' is not just an edgy R&B hit; it's a rebellious anthem echoing with powerful lyrics that boldly challenge the status quo, while the addictive baseline dances with seductive allure, etching itself into your soul. Drawing from her own experiences, SVETLANA dares to speak her truth. After navigating through murky waters and questioning encounters within the creative industry, the songstress transmutes her vulnerabilities into a fierce declaration of selfhood with 'YDKM'.

Saturated with potent vocals, laced with rock-influenced guitar riffs, and encapsulating the essence of modern R&B, 'You Don't Know Me' catapults SVETLANA to the forefront of musical innovators. Recognised for her lyrical prowess and fearless approach to storytelling, SVETLANA assumes a provocative stance with 'YDKM', paving the way for a new era of unapologetic expression within the music industry.

Speaking on the single, she states "I challenged myself to write a song as a version of myself who wasn’t afraid of saying ‘no’ and didn't conform to conventional ideas of femininity. In ten minutes, the demo was finished.”


Alongside the single release, SVETLANA has curated a visually stunning Live Session that delves even further into the complexities of self-identity. Directed by visionary artist Garreth Chan the video serves as a visual feast, blending evocative imagery with elements of contemporary culture.

'You Don't Know Me' beckons listeners to join her on a transformative journey through sound and soul, challenging preconceived notions and inviting all to embrace their true, unbridled selves.

Guitarist: Kevanie Remekie

Bassist: Dolapo Sanya 

Drummer: André Rhule 

Director: Garreth Chan

Director Of Photography: Constantin Widauer

Production Manager: Moses Mason

Production Designer: Sarah Henning 

Steadicam Operator: Rachel Wood

1ST Assistant Camera: Bulman Arshehit

Grip: Mo Abdi

Art Assistant: Jack Brown

Recording Engineer: Ryan Hall

Camera Kit Provided by Electra Film And TV

Lighting Kit Provided by Frankie Cilia

A Projext Liquid Production 


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