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Alt-Soul/ Pop Artist Hendrix Harris Releases His New Single 'Incentive'

Alt-pop, soul, and R&B artist Hendrix Harris unveils his latest musical creation, 'Incentive' lifted from his upcoming album 'Awakening'. With his soul-stirring melodies and signature raspy tone, Incentive transports you to a universe where warm, heavy bass-driven beats collide with intoxicating melodies.

Hendrix says: "This is the first single from my new LP and it is a deep dive into its sonic universe of warm heavy bass driven beats, ethereal textures and intoxicating melodies. I wanted to give an honest state of play, capturing the essence of being an up-and-coming artist in the 21st century. Through lines like 'I’m on a boat sailing through a sea of acid, lacking in traction', I express the burden of loneliness in a toxic industry, and the uncertainties that come with making hard decisions."

Hendrix’s upcoming project 'Awakening' takes us on a sonic journey through his mind. Finding solace in hypnotic melodic loops and heavy bass driven beats, his intimate yet powerful delivery will guide you through his reflections on notions of self, society, relationships and growth. This collection of insightful observations on the artist’s state of mind is his most honest and accomplished work to date, sonically and lyrically.


Listen to 'Incentive' Below


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