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Currently listening to Joya Mooi's double-album ‘What’s Around The Corner’.

A blissful display of modern R&B, ‘What’s Around The Corner’ is fuelled by Joya Mooi’s desire to contribute to a more just future and delves into the theory of social change on both a political and personal level.

The 15-track album explores themes of patterns, reflection, identity and spirituality. A profound body of work that’s heavily influenced by stories from her past and present, combining her roots in the Netherlands and South Africa, her music aims to give insight into the experiences of a new generation from the African diaspora and spark change for the better.

Joya Mooi explains, “With this project I'm hoping to set some things in motion. Side A leans into escapism & seeking clarity, and with Side B I'm hoping to bring resolution to end certain cycles."

The first half of the album introduces the theme of change with a variety of thought-provoking topics while the second half explores the subject of survivor shame, and wanting to start a new chapter. Its gentle sound helps steer the album into a slightly more experimental direction, thanks to its use of forward-thinking beats and drifting melodies.

With Each track having its own thoughtful reference point, it demonstrates Joya’s heartfelt intention for the project, wrapped in her signature soundscape which unites soul, alternative R&B and a sprinkling of trap. Her inspiring sound takes you on a journey of moods, proving that she’s a leading voice in the modern R&B scene right now.

Listen to the full album below.


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