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New Music JUST DROPPED this week by Kieron Boothe, Dexter and Sainte

"No Regrets" by Kieron Boothe

Newham rapper Kieron Boothe releases his third single of the year, ‘No Regrets’, dropping via Cologne-based label, Melting Pot. Produced by long-term collaborator and. multi- instrumentalist Nikhil Beats, ‘No Regrets’ reinforces the message that you need to live life to the fullest, as Kieron repeats in the chorus ‘stack your chips and bet’.

"Act Right" by Layfullstop

Manchester’s Layfullstop shares a brand-new single titled “Act Right”

Speaking on the track, Lay says: “This song is an evolution of a song I made 6+ years ago and wanted to make it relevant to where I am currently in my journey. I also created this song to merge the uplifting and chilled atmosphere that bossa nova brings with the internal battle of constantly wanting to do the right thing.”

"Vexed" by Dexter

dexter has returned with her emotive new single “Vexed”. Quite simply put, the song was written while she was vexed; frustrated and using her music as a cathartic way to release. The single lands as momentum builds towards a hinted second body of work from the young musician, who has been busy throwing her ‘Crazy Silly Party’ events in-between music making and releases.

"In The Middle Of It" by LANDEL

Following the success of his early 2022 EP entitled “Yours or Mine?” Which landed him playlist spots on Spotify’s Fresh Finds” and Fresh FindsR&B. Now out with a his next release “In the middle of it”, a hip hop infused song with laid-back layered vocals and an infectiously vibes beat.

"Sade" by Sainte

On the new track, he expresses through his lyrics a romantic situation with a girl, while other parts of the song showcase him flexing. The BB-produced instrumental works well with his chilled flow. The instrumental does well in blending with Sainté vibrancy.

"Break The Cycle" by KiLLOWEN

"One of a kind" by Asha Gold


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