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Nigerian Pop Star Joeboy Returns With New Single ‘Only God Can Save Me’ and announces new EP.

It’s only been five months since the release of his critically acclaimed sophomore album Body & Soul, but global music sensation and Nigerian pop star JOEBOY is not resting on his laurels, and is ready to go again, as he unveils an evocative new single titled ‘Only God Can Save Me’. Alongside the new single, he is excited to announce the forthcoming release of his sophomore EP and second project of 2023 titled Body, Soul & Spirit, arriving on 17th November.

As the title suggests, Joeboy’s Body, Soul & Spirit EP is picking up exactly where he left off on his Body & Soul album, with the upcoming EP serving as the perfect antithesis to the recently released album. Feeding off the emotional undertones of the last song on the Body & Soul album, ‘Halle’, where he is troubled, unhappy, and looking to God and family for succour, Joeboy carries forward this introspection with the new EP’s lead single ‘Only God Can Save Me’.

Produced by Debo.x, this heartfelt track is an embodiment of the age-old saying, “Let go and let God”. Over moody synths, dark piano arrangements, and looming drum patterns, Joeboy delves deep into the realization that humans are fallible and can often leave us disappointed. When those around him were nowhere to be found, Joeboy turned to a higher power for solace and guidance, emphasizing that ‘Only God Can Save Me’.

Originating from a place of raw vulnerability, ‘Only God Can Save Me’ paints a vivid picture of Joeboy's revelations about the transient nature of human relationships and the undeniable essence of divine intervention. During a period that challenged his perspectives and beliefs, Joeboy captures the feeling of desolation that many experience, emphasizing that in moments of true despair, one might find solace only in the Divine.

In its moody, yet poignant tone, ‘Only God Can Save Me’ opens the thematic tapestry of the Body, Soul & Spirit EP seamlessly. The solitude Joeboy experienced while crafting this song – just him, a mic, and a pen – adds a layer of authenticity, making it an evocative piece that resonates deeply with listeners. Through this single, Joeboy offers a window into his journey navigating an emotionally charged phase, standing as a cornerstone for the entire EP's narrative.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Only God Can Save Me’, Joeboy says,

The song came from a place of realization over a strange two-week period that had me questioning everything and everyone. I discovered a lot of negative things going on around me, and I started seeing people around me for who they truly were. I needed certain people to be there for me, but they disappeared on me, I truly felt alone, and it became obvious to me that human beings are not reliable, and most people are only there for you on the condition that they can gain something from you. I came to the realization that you are really and truly alone on this earth, and God is the only source of strength and succour. All we can do is cast all our worries on God, and he will handle it, hence the title ‘Only God Can Save Me’.”

Listen to 'Only God Can Save Me’ Below


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