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Rasharn Powell Delivers Nostalgic Vibes with 'Raving In Our Bedroom'

After a brief hiatus, singer-songwriter Rasharn Powell is back with an electrifying new single, 'Raving in Our Bedroom,' produced by Tropics. The song, explores personal and societal issues through the lens of a relationship, showcasing his profound lyrics and the captivating 70s-inspired production.

The track tackles the theme of rejection due to race as Rasharn conveys his emotions through the poignant line, "Deport me, deport us." The bedroom, symbolizing his safe space and serves as a backdrop for his exploration of both personal and universal struggles.

Accompanying the release is a visually stunning music video directed by Tayler Prince-Fraser which captures Rasharn in his sinful stage at the start of his journey, providing a visual representation of the song's message.

Speaking about the song, Rasharn shares, "There's a truth we must face when in our bedrooms. That inner truth is specific to each and every one of us, and others may be able to empathize with it but not always comprehend it. By God's grace, the story I'm about to take the world on is one of ascension, but I can only do so through narrating my personal conviction and sins."

'Raving in Our Bedroom' marks the next chapter in Rasharn Powell's musical journey, showcasing his growth and maturity since his debut project, 'Dusk and Dawn,' released in 2021. As a natural-born performer, this single serves as a testament to his resilience and promises to ignite a movement.


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