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The Shellers Release Their Third Single This Year ‘Does It’

UK duo The Shellers continue their run of strong introduction of releases this year, with new single ‘Does It’, the third single from their forthcoming EP Long Live The Shellers, releasing on 27th October.

The Shellers once again showcase their undeniable charm in presenting catchy, witty and danceable music with the release of Does It. Throughout the song, vocalist Jamal Bucanon implores the listener to get out of their heads and onto the dancefloor, freeing themselves of the daily anxieties of modern life. Production, which is provided by Toddla T and Lawaun Bernard, is dense in emotion, with gentle marimbas, pulsing synths and heady bass creating a rich atmosphere. As in their previous releases, The Shellers display their ability to create club music that also carries a depth and relatability to the everyman, reminiscent of The Streets at their most upbeat.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Jamal had this to say:

“‘Does It’ is a song I wrote for people that overthink and over drink at the same time, from time to time. The song’s meant to be uplifting and encourage people to let go of what might be stressing them out. All we see on social media is other people’s success and wealth or other people's beauty and popularity and it can be damaging because it’s like they have become commodities, when really the most important and invaluable thing a person can have is peace of mind. I think we all need to slow down and stop trying to race to the finish line and spend more time on things that are actually important to us, not what other people would have us believe.”

Lawaun adds: “Does it was a song that we made in a couple of hours. A testament to not overthinking the ting. The creative process of this song felt like a masterclass led by Toddla T. His engineering skills are something that doesn’t get mentioned enough. I walked away from that session feeling inspired. I contributed the iconic one-note string that never wants to end some of the pads and piano. Sometimes I will sing melodies on my phone that I will later add on the keyboard. Other times ideas will flow and I will have Toddla just track me as I play. This song had us skanking in the studio. So we hope the skank continues now it’s out.”

Listen to "Does It" below


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