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The Soulful Sounds of Rising Pop Artist Lusaint.

One artist set to be a future household name is Manchester-born, singer-songwriter Lusaint. The rising pop artist's journey began in 2017 with her powerful covers of timeless classics, including ‘Use Somebody’, ‘I Need A Dollar’, and ‘American Boy’.

Fast forward a couple of years to 2019, Lusaint broke Shazam history with her track ‘More Than Friends’, an acoustic cover of En Vogue’s 90s, R&B classic ‘Don’t Let Go’. After receiving a TV sync on Love Island, the track went on to become the most Shazam’d song in the UK over a 24-hour period with over 45,000 Shazams; a true testament to the way in which Lusaint’s soulful voice effortlessly connects to listeners.

Since then, her music has amassed over 20 million streams globally, with two of her top-hitting tracks including Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy In Love’ and ‘Wicked Game’ by Chris Isaak which has totaled over 7 million views on YouTube.

Taking inspiration from the Motown, jazz, and blues records she grew up listening to, Lusaint has created a distinct sound. This artistry shines through in her debut original single Dark Horse’ which, since its release in February, has received support from BBC Introducing Manchester and Victoria Jane on BBC Radio 1 amongst other tastemakers. Following on from this drop, we were most recently blessed with Lusaint’s newest single A Fool For You; an addictive track with a catchy hook, and invigorating beat that we believe should be included in every ‘Feel Good’ playlist.

Both tracks act as teasers from Lusaint’s highly anticipated debut EP ‘Self Sabotage’ set for release in October which she shared “feels like a true reflection of myself as an artist”. The EP includes credits from producer Blue May who has worked with the likes of Kano, Joy Crookes, and Loyle Carner.

Lusaint recently played her first headline show at the legendary Troubador, London's original, and last remaining, independent live music from the coffee-house era, which has seen performances from Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John, Morrissey, and Led Zeppelin. Her next headline show will be on 20th September at Nottinghill Arts Club so make sure you don’t miss out!

We caught up with Lusaint to dig a little deeper into her most recent release ‘A Fool For You’, learn more about her creative process and find out more about what we can expect from her upcoming EP

Hey Lusaint! How has your week been so far?

Really great thank you! Working on some new music right now, so really enjoying being in the studio and feeling very creative!

We’d love to know if there’s a story behind your latest single “A Fool For You” and any inspirations that helped you to write it.

The track really revolves around bad habits. Spending your time in a toxic environment/relationship but always find yourself back in the same situation. Almost as though you’re stuck and fighting to get out, but your brain won’t allow it. A vicious circle.

Can you share a bit about your creative process when writing and producing this song?

I usually throughout a day will record voice notes of random lyrics, melodies etc and sit down with my producer and go through them in the evening. He can usually pick bits from certain sections that work best and a lot of the time the lyrics will be within the melodies already and I can find the hidden meaning!

Can you tell us about your upcoming debut EP “ Self Sabotage” and what we can expect from it?

So excited to share the EP! It consists of five tracks all relating to a very similar topic of coping throughout similar situations/relationships etc. I think you learn so much about yourself growing up as a young woman, and throughout the process, there are so many times self-sabotage comes into play before you learn from your mistakes!

How does this EP reflect your journey as an artist and the growth you've experienced so far?

I’m so happy that this EP feels like a true reflection of myself as an artist. The sound I have created is something I’d wanted to explore for so long and finding the right musicians to express that vision to, was the key to creating what we have.

What do you hope listeners will take away from this debut EP?

I hope they find comfort in the music. The songs are quite emotional lyrically and I wanted my voice to really convey that.

Are there any specific tracks on the EP that you're particularly excited for listeners to hear? What makes them special to you?

I have a track called Sober which I can’t wait for. I actually wrote the song within an hour but I was going through quite a lot at the time. Writing the track gave me a great sense of relief and I always love to sing this one live with the band!


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