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Track of the week- "Brand New Whip" - Rio Rainz

Hailling from East London, rising singer-rapper Rio Rainz bust onto the scene at just fifteen with his powerful Black Box Freestyle which caught fire online and ignited his fuse, confirming his rapping abilities to the masses. Still only 19 years old, Rio is growing and evolving with his fans in real-time and isnt afraid to reinvent himself time and time again.

'Brand New Whip' is taken from his recently release EP, 'Cobwebs in my room', a project that flips between his extroverted and introverted self over six eclectic songs and shares his "messy thoughts" of love, coming of age, inner city life and his struggles with darker times.

Creatting most of the project in his bedroom, Rio has served up Drum&Bass club tracks, free flowing Rap, Jersey Drill and piano ballads, all whilst gliding between rapping and singing unlike any other.

Listen to the full EP, 'Cobwebs in my room' Below


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