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Xadi Moves Into a New Era With His First Concept EP "Black Rock".⁠

The extraordinarily unique artist Xadi moves into a new era with his first concept EP "black rock".⁠

Xadi describes the EP as "a concept EP inspired by black pioneers who defied expectations and forged their own paths, both famous and those much closer to home. ⁠

Born out of a desire to elevate black, British cultural influence beyond rap alone, Xadi draws on the rock music which has been foundational to his own musical journey since childhood. The result is a rich ode to rebels and trailblazers alike."⁠

Having mixed, mastered, and produced every track on the project himself, Xadi has created a sound that is completely his own and true to himself which we can't help but admire.⁠

You can catch Xadi perform live at his first UK tour this November - tickets are available now


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