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Liquid Mag Issue 6, BXKS "Always Be Yourself"

Liquid Mag Issue 6, BXKS "Always Be Yourself"


Presenting Luton based artist BXKS as she covers our LiquidMag issue 6 photographed by Vanessa Abia.

We sat down with the rising star to talk about the obstacles faced in the industry, Meeting and learning from new people and what we can expect from her next.

BXKS says "I am a woman making music so it's not as easy. If I was a guy it would probably be much easier getting people's attention but as a woman, I do have to do things to make people be like ooh rah who’s this?" 

Creative Director & Photographer: Vanessa Abia 
Creative Producer: Moses Mason 
Stylist: Vanessa Anglade
Assistant Stylist: Ashana Sachdev 
MUA: Alexandra Vitalis 
Bts: Nikita Bonner Lewis
Studio: Projext Liquid Studios 

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