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Raised in South East London by parents of Ghanaian- Irish and Jamaican descent, his love for music started at a very young age. Formally known as Tokyo the Producer before shifting is craft into singing and rapping, the emerging artist has spent a lot of time perfecting his ever-evolving sound, experimenting with vocal techniques and melodies he describes as “Water Music”.


Listening to R&B classics and new school Rap growing up, artist like Prince, Alicia Keys, Busta Rhymes and the Fugees have helped to nurture his creativity and become the foundation for his soundscape today. Creating his own lane with his distinctive flow and storytelling abilities, he released ten singles in 2020 and a further three this year, most recently “Atlas”. Talking about his latest single, he says “The song is based on a true story to be honest; I met a sweet one, two, two shots, took her out the hood and now we’re doing Atlas together”. 


We caught up with Rasstokyo to talk about what keeps him grounded and growing as an artist. 

Listen to 'Atlas' below


Describe Rasstokyo in 3 words?


Genuine, Ambitious, Vibes.


You started out in the industry as a producer before becoming an artist, how has this benefitted you and do you feel this has influenced your style in music?


I definitely saved money this way and I think I have a better understanding of music sonically. I have an advantage to sound more polished. 


How has the journey in music been so far?


Sh*t but also fun. It’s still super early for my sound at the moment.  The UK is pushing drill and afro beats right now so when they’re ready to deep it, things will get interesting!


You describe your sound as ‘water music’, explain what that is for people who may not be familiar with your music yet. 


It’s just vibes man, it’s about flow, something ever changing and adaptable but always identified as me.  I’m like a sweet melody man by day and a rapper by night lol


In 2020 you released an impressive collection of songs during the lockdown period. What kept your motivated throughout the process?


Family, always family.


‘Atlas’ is your third single release this year, explain a bit about that. What is it about? And what was the inspiration behind it? 

My producer Four50 sent me a beat and when I listened to it the emotions at the back of my mind became clear. The song is based on a true story to be honest; I met a sweet one, two, two shots, took her out the hood and now we’re doing atlas together.  The song just hits man, its definitely one of my favourites.


Are there any future collabs you would like to do?


Yep. Pharrell, Rihanna & Drake


What are you most excited for right now?


MY 2021 TAPE & Gnocchi Jeans- my favourite clothing brand.


Where do you hope to go with your music next?


I hope when Elon musk finally links aliens, he’ll play them my songs in a Tesla


Artist: Rasstokyo

Photographer: Fhuad Braimoh 

Interview Kemi Ayoola

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