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Welcome to the 'Liquid Scheme,' a campaign that beckons creatives of all kinds to explore their artistry and showcase their unique talents. Whether you're a designer, stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, photographer, creative director, music or film director, we invite you to join us in a full-day studio session that will inspire and invigorate your creative soul.

We are offering participants the chance to have a full day of studio time, completely free of charge which will allow you to bring your artistic vision to life, explore your unique style, and captivate audiences with your creativity.

Our aim is to foster a vibrant community of creatives, where ideas flow and talents converge, elevating artistic expression to new heights. We cherish diversity and believe in the power of collaboration, which is why we encourage creatives from various genres and backgrounds to apply.

We believe that great art deserves recognition and exposure. That's why selected works from the 'Liquid Scheme' studio session will have the privilege of being featured in our online and print magazine, a publication revered for its celebration of exceptional creativity

This is your chance to step into the spotlight! To apply, please fill out the application below.

The Liquid. Scheme 

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