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London born, Manchester raised musician Victoria Jane belongs to the new wave of R&B talent to push the boundaries and pave the way for more to follow. Heavily influenced by Manchester’s musical DNA, Victoria has immersed herself in the scene since as long as she can remember. Inspired to connect with people through her music, her distinct style incorporates not only R&B but Trap, Hip-Hop and is constantly evolving. A musician by night, sales exec by day, Victoria also spends a lot of her time nurturing new talent on Unity Radio, where she thrives being part of artists' journey to success. 

With her latest EP release ‘Golden Hour’, Victoria Jane has built her reputation as one Manchester most exciting new sounds. The three track EP is the second project after releasing her debut EP ‘In My Zone’ last year which includes ‘Long Time’, ‘Free’ featuring Manchester rapper K.I.M.E and ‘Mystery Lady’ 

We sit down with Victoria to discusses the hardships of making music outside London and get an insight into how her journey in presenting started.

Listen to 'Golden Hour' EP below


Who are your musical influences?

I’m influenced by so many different artists because I feel like my musical taste is so broad, so I have influences from like Erykah Badu, Amy winehouse but then there’s people who are modern and at the forefront of UK R&B like angel and people like drake who are just a huge influence. 


Recommend some artist that you listen to

Nadia from Manchester, Nina Cobham, Akemi Fox are all amazing female artists. You have Ling Hussle who’s in her own league, YP who is putting himself and Nigeria on the map


Have you noticed any differences in making music in London and Manchester and if so, is it any harder? 

Making music and being an artist in Manchester or anywhere outside London is so much harder than being an artist in London. There’s a lot of competition in London itself but there’s a lot more opportunities down south than there is up North. It’s starting to change, Northern artists are getting a bit more opportunities but being from Manchester, I feel like you have to work twice as hard or even harder than the acts from London.


How would you say your surroundings in Manchester has shaped you as an artist?

If you spend time in Manchester just generally, the city is so creative, full of creative people, you get a vibe wherever you go there’s always something creative happening. 


Who are some of your dream collaborations?

Drake, because it’s just Drake. I feel like anyone would love to work with him and Amy Winehouse, she’s my screensaver and probably one of my biggest inspirations in life, If I could work with her 


If you weren’t going to peruse music, what would you be doing? 

I’d be a presenter, which I am. To be fair I got into presenting because I didn’t know how to make music as a female R&B artist. At the time in Manchester there was a lot of Rap, Grime, Hip Hop, people making beats, those type of genres. No one was really doing R&B so that’s why I went into the presenting route and found a love for both of them. 

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Artist: Victoria Jane

Photographer: Kevin Luchmun

Styled by: Les Studios, Les Carolina

Makeup Artist: Alexandra J. Vitalis

Film: Hash Haji

Studio: Luchmun Studios

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