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Embracing Elegance With Emily Bullis

Emily Bullis, a rising star in the field of fashion photography, is making waves with her unique vision and captivating style. With just over a year of experience under her belt, Emily's passion for capturing the essence of fashion and beauty is garnering attention and praise.

Her journey began in 2023 when she photographed her first agency model. Since then, Emily has dedicated herself to learning the intricacies of fashion photography, gradually building her skills and knowledge through collaboration and experimentation in which she has curated a portfolio that she is immensely proud of.

Combining her interests in fashion design and fine art, Emily's images not only showcase beautiful garments but also experiment with posing and utilize analogous colour schemes, translating her unique artistic vision into stunning visuals.

In her most recent project collaborating with Projext Liquid Studios Emily aimed to explore her own style while showcasing the exceptional skills and talents of her creative team. The focus of the shoot cantered on a pink and red colour scheme, blending eye-catching visuals with a sense of calmness and femininity.

Photographer and ART Director: Emily Bullis

Fashion Stylist: Imogen Porter 

Make-Up Artist: Blanca Diosdado 

Hair Stylist: Harry Watson 

Nail Artist: Megan Cummings 

Photo and Lighting Assistant: Romy Roulin 

Hair Products Used:

Schwarzkopf Professional


Session Label


Nail Products Used:

Nailberry in shades almond and elegance

How long have you been doing photography for?

I have been doing photography for just over a year. I photographed my first agency model in January 2023 after practicing how to use my camera the month prior with family who had volunteered to be photographed. I've spent the last year learning all I can about fashion photography, lighting, editing and art direction and through lots of collaboration, trial and error and experimenting I have managed to gradually build up a portfolio of work that I love more with every shoot I do.

Could you introduce your work, what attracts you to photography?

I've always had an interest in taking photographs. I used to document everything growing up and at the age of 16 I was gifted a mini retro looking digital camera from my parents that I took with me everywhere I went. I have always enjoyed capturing moments and memories and believe that this, coupled with my education in fashion design and fine art has led me to combine my interests and finally try my hand at fashion photography. I love photographing beautiful garments, playing with analogous colour schemes, experimenting with posing and photographing people in an uplifting and artistic way.

At the moment I don't feel as though I can pinpoint my exact photography style because many things are still very new to me. I'm working on exploring different techniques and ideas in the hopes to find what I'm good at and enjoy the most.

What was the process like when setting up this shoot?

Having access to the studio, the lighting and backdrops for a full day really gave us the chance to do the shoot idea justice. I had spent a lot of time planning and developing small details, finding inspiration points, creating mood boards, lighting plans, picking the colour schemes and making props so I didn't want to do it unless we could do it without restrictions. Studios can be really expensive or don't always have everything you need for creative shoots, so having this editorial commissioned by Projext Liquid Magazine and being allowed to use their space and equipment is what helped make it happen.

What led you to this idea?

For this shoot I wanted to use it as an opportunity to combine some of my favourite elements from previous shoots to create an editorial that was cohesive, interesting and fun. I wanted it to be a shoot where I could explore my own style and show off the amazing skills and talent of the team. The main focus was to play with a pink and red colour scheme, create something eye-catching with a sense of calmness that felt feminine, but not overly delicate.

I always try to create individual inspiration boards for the team so we are all on the same page but it's always great to be open minded to everyone else's creative adaptations. Having a team you've worked with before and whose work you love meant that I knew I could trust everyone's own individual interpretations and let them develop the ideas in their own ways. It's amazing to watch how an idea can transform at a shoot when everyone is creating together and inspiring each other.

How was your experience working with the team?

The team was perfect. Imogen, Blanca, Harry, Megan and Romy are all incredibly talented artists and well practiced at their craft. The models, Ellen and Xinjun were effortlessly engaging and poised in front of the camera and it was so wonderful to work with each of them on a fun creative shoot.


GLOVES The Attico, SKIRT Helmut Lang, GLOVES Wolford, BAG GB-David, NECKLACE Dior


DRESS Naya Rea

DRESS David Koma, TIGHTS Wolford, SHOES Louboutin

DRESS By Cookie H, SOCKS Wolford, SHOES Prada

TOP Jacquemus, EARRINGS Kin

TOP By Cookie H, HOTPANTS Stylists Own, BOOTS Balenciaga, EARRINGS Vintage

HEADSCARF Selfridges, PEARLS Yoko and Vivienne Westwood, COAT Acne Studios, BAG Jacquemus

DRESS Aknvas

TOP Jacquemus, SKIRT Kika Vargas, SHOES Victoria Beckham, EARRINGS Kin

DRESS By Cookie H


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