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"Dark and Eerie" by Krista Gurcka

Exploring the Dark and Eerie: Krista Gurcka's Latest Photography Collection Embraces Strength and Power


London based Photographer Krista Gurcka unveils her newest collection of photographs, inspired by the captivating interplay of dark and light tones. With a focus on showcasing strength within darkness, Gurcka's work in this series conveys a message of power, resilience, and the fiery essence within.


Drawing inspiration from the allure of mysterious atmospheres, Gurcka set out to explore the uncharted territories of darker tones. Explaining her motivation, she shares, "I love the dynamic the dark tones bring towards an image, it's like playing hide and seek. It's something I hadn't fully explored before, so it was a thrilling experience to delve into this aspect of photography." Gurcka's willingness to step outside her comfort zone and experiment with new techniques is a testament to her creativity, uniqueness, and evolving style as a photographer.


This collection marks a departure from Gurcka's previous projects, where she primarily focused on still light images that were direct and straightforward. Through her exploration of the dynamic possibilities presented by studio lights, Gurcka has embarked on a new journey of discovery. Embracing spontaneity and adaptability, she adjusts to the light herself, allowing each setup to unfold organically and result in a fresh look with every shot.


"As an artist, I constantly seek growth and new avenues for my creativity," explains Gurcka. "By embracing the unknown and remaining open to unexpected outcomes, I am able to produce images that are completely different but still loveable. It's about fun and excitement, rather than stress and rigidity."


Light and composition, the fundamental elements of photography, play a crucial role in enhancing the mood and atmosphere of Gurcka's photographs. In this collection, she strategically incorporates darkness in her equipment, employing techniques such as grading and black poly boards to create a moody aesthetic. Gurcka's process involves continuous adjustments on the spot, ensuring that each image is precisely tailored to her vision. While post-production adjustments are made, she maintains a commitment to preserving a natural look and feel in her final images.


Looking ahead, Gurcka teases us with a glimpse into her future projects and ideas. She expresses her enthusiasm for exploring the realm of product photography in an artistic manner, highlighting accessories in a fashionable light through innovative lighting techniques. Despite these new avenues, Gurcka reassures her audience that her passion for fashion photography remains unwavering, and she is determined to push the boundaries and redefine the genre.


With a multitude of ideas and concepts on the horizon, Krista Gurcka invites everyone to stay tuned for an exhilarating journey of visual storytelling. As the year unfolds, audiences can expect an array of captivating imagery and fresh perspectives from this visionary artist.

Team Credits

Photographer Krista Gurcka

Mua Oriane

Hair stylist The Hair Co

Stylist Fara Jane

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this collection of photographs and what message you aimed to convey?

My inspiration behind these set of images was to explore dark and eerie tones, showing strength within the dark and light tones. Representing power, strength, and fire. 


What techniques or styles did you experiment with in this series to showcase your creativity and uniqueness as a photographer? 

For this set of images, I wanted to showcase darker tones within my photography, it’s something I have not played around with just yet. I love the dynamic the dark tones bring towards an image, it’s like playing hide and seek. I find it super fun to do on my shoots as I am adjusting to the light that the equipment’s give me. 


How does this body of work differ from your previous projects, and how have you grown as an artist throughout its creation?

My previous work was quite plain in a sense, I have always shot still light images that are quite direct, whereas now I am exploring the different dynamics studio lights can give me. It’s quite exciting to see how different positions and set ups can bring a new look each time. It’s for sure my new playground and I usually adjust to the light myself; I want it to be more of a natural effect and process more than a direct set-up. So, the images can always change during the shoot at any point and time and that’s the fun about it, its new and exciting. 


I believe my work has grown in various ways, skill wise, set-up and concept wise. It’s hard to say at this time how I have grown in terms of my creations but I am moving back to art photography for sure, something I have done before and neglected so it’s great to get back into it and let my mind get lost. 

Were there any specific challenges or obstacles you encountered while producing this collection, and how did you overcome them? 

I don't tend to dwell on obstacles in terms of my image production, I’m very adjustable and easy-going person and I like the unknown. This also speaks within my images; I might have a set-up in mind or a concept, but it does not always go that way and I am ok with that. That’s what gives me fun and excitement of working as I can always produce something that looks completely different, but I love it. It’s supposed to be fun not stressful. I just simply let things be.


Light and composition are essential elements in photography. Can you discuss how you utilised these aspects to enhance the mood and atmosphere in your photographs? 

For this project to gain the moody look I used allot of darkness in the equipment, such as grading along with black poly boards. Once I do my set-up and understand what works and doesn’t, I normally go with the flow and adjust on the spot to enhance the image to exactly how I want it to look. Including some image adjustments in post. But I tend to not overdo it when editing as I like a natural look to my images. 


Looking ahead, what can we expect from you in the future? Are there any upcoming projects or ideas that you are excited to explore? 

So many ideas and concepts coming up soon, I want to explore more of product photography in an artistic way that highlights the accessories in a fashionable way with different light techniques. So much to play around with, but I will continue my journey within my fashion images as this is something I strive for and love to do. 


So, stay tuned, this year has only just started! 



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