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Playlist Update "HIGH" - Shay Lia

The Montreal singer/ songwriter Shay Lia has returned with her 10-track EP FACETS. Following her infectious collaboration with Kaytranada last month and previously released tracks "Solo", "Takutá", "Upside Down" and "On the Low" she examines her experiences as a woman of the world and a reclamation of her identity through the exploration of femininity, sensuality and heritage.

Added to the 'Feel Good' playlist, Shay Lia embraces her sensuality with the opening track 'HIGH’. Speaking on the track, Shay says the song’s ethereal nature was inspired by a trip to Miami in which she felt her femininity amplified by the sun and gorgeous breeze; unlocking a feeling of powerful ecstasy. Produced by GuiltyBeatz, the pair were able to create an Afro-fusion beat that borrows elements from all across the continent.

Listen to High and Her Full EP Below


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