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IAMDDB is back with a mesmerising new single titled "Ibiza".

Added to our 'Feel Good' playlist, the track serves as a soulful reminder of the warmth and sunshine that seems like a distant memory in our current climate. With its nostalgic vibes, "Ibiza" takes listeners back to a summer that now seems like a lifetime ago, evoking images of serene beaches and golden sunlight. The accompanying visualiser further immerses viewers in this blissful setting.

Building on the success of her previous releases, IAMDDB continues to push creative boundaries and explore new sonic territories. Known for her unique blend of soul, jazz, and hip-hop, IAMDDB shines as an artist who fearlessly defies categorisation. Her music is a sonic journey that captivates listeners and resonates with their emotions.

It not only sets the vibe for the perfect summer playlist, but also heralds the imminent release of her fourth coming album. Love is War, volume 6 which is due for release on the 29th of February.

Check out our 'Feel Good' playlist on Spotify to hear more tracks like this 🔗


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