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Track of the week- “Knocked Down” - The Silhouettes Project ft. Asher Kosher...

Born in 2019 in Hackney, The Silhouettes Project was created to bring artists from the alternative hip-hop & jazz scene together, for creatives and musicians to thrive away from the notoriously harsh scene that is the music industry. Their aim is to place the collective over the individual to unite and build community.

They began working on their first project by paring artists and producers based on their sounds and vibes, 15 groups in total, and arranged sessions for them at their non-profit studio space. This lead to the creation of 15 songs which became “The Silhouettes Project Volume 1”.

A few years on, the eagerly anticipated Volume 2 is ready to be shared with the world, with “Knocked Down” being the first release.

They will be dropping one single a week so stay tuned! 🔥


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