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Track of the Week: "Sun In My Eyes" by Nix Northwest

We're listening to London rapper, producer and multi-instrumentalist Nix Northwest single ’Sun In My Eyes’, taken from his debut album ‘Xin’s Disappearence’.

The track pairs his ethereal vocals with a self-produced 00’s Hip-Hop instrumental reminiscent of early Justin Timberlake and Timberland. Reflecting the mid-point between dream state and reality, the video, directed by Nix and Asher Kosher, offers an insight into the life of Xin, a fictional alter ego portrayed by Nix across the conceptual album.

His return reflects a new era of his evolving artistry exploring themes of introspectiveness and self-reflection driven by endless musical twists.

"I feel like I’m a person of extremes - I can be very serious, hardworking and driven but also know how to get silly and loose, and not take myself too seriously. I wanted this tune to try and encapsulate that contrast a little, I think. A lot of my music - and this album in particular - tackles some deep topics, but I wanted to show that I can also have a light-hearted side!"

Listen to "Sun in my eyes" below.


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