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'Diary Is a Waste of Paper'- Nia Chennai's Debut EP Joins UK's R&B Resurgence

Nia Chennai's debut EP 'Diary Is a Waste of Paper' showcases her soulful vocals and vulnerable songwriting over moody R&B, adding to the UK R&B resurgence.

South London R&B singer-songwriter Nia Chennai releases her highly anticipated debut EP, 'Diary Is a Waste of Paper.' The 8-track project offers an intimate look into Nia's experiences over the past year exploring themes of love, relationships, commitment, and societal pressures, through soulful melodies and candid storytelling.

The EP features Nia's standout single 'Tea Lady', released last week, which playfully explores the essence of British culture with its cheeky play on the pastime of friends engaging in light-hearted gossip over tea. Sonically, Nia Chennai fuses classic R&B and soul sensibilities reminiscent of Erykah Badu with Amy Winehouse's jazzy British flair. The combination creates an intricate rhythmic backdrop for Nia's velvety vocals and clever lyrical wit as she explores the humour and intimacy in sharing "tea" with close friends.

Additional tracks like 'Since We Ain't Together' and 'Wasting Time' highlight Nia's velvety vocals and raw, relatable songwriting that has already garnered praise from tastemakers.

Photo Credit Eliza Adedeji

Commenting on the new single, Nia Chennai said: "'Diary Is a Waste of Paper' is a collection of songs that offer a glimpse into my mind, thoughts, and experiences over the past year. I believe this project will resonate not only with young women but with everyone. It’s great to see ‘Tea Lady’ getting so much love already. It was a fun challenge to write something with slightly humorous lyrics about a topic that isn't commonly explored in music. I am excited to share my full, debut project of work with everyone, as we head towards the end of the year. I’ve got more shows and new music I’m working on planned for 2024, and I’m looking forward to bringing more of you along the ride with me!”

After just a year on the scene, Nia’s passion and dedication to her craft are evident in every note, with already garnered notable early success she stands poised to help lead the resurgence of UK R&B.

Listen To 'Diary Is A Waste Of Paper' Below


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