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Piper-Grace Sends Shivers with Sultry R&B Single ‘Skin'

R&B artist Piper-Grace sets the stage ablaze with her latest single, 'Skin.' This mesmerising track showcases her unparalleled talent, weaving together the raw and the refined, the personal and the universal. Piper-Grace's unique artistry speaks directly to a young, socially conscious audience hungry for authenticity and thought-provoking content.

'Skin' transcends mere melodies, delving deep into the intricacies of desire and self-control. Piper-Grace's soul-stirring vocals, accompanied by a groovy instrumental, immediately captivate listeners, leaving them spellbound by her infectious vulnerability. Through this track, she effortlessly showcases her ability to connect with her audience on an intimate and emotional level.

Speaking on 'Skin,' Piper-Grace says, "I’m super excited to release ‘Skin’. This song is another example of what I’m capable of as an upcoming artist. The track explores the intricacies of desire and self-control. I had so much fun making this song with Talay Riley and Joe Gosling; it was magic from the moment we had the session last year.”

Listen to Skin Below


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