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Pop Riser Kemuel Unveils Captivating Retro Themed Music Video 'Alone'

In the midst of Africa's musical renaissance, capturing the attention of global audiences, the Lagos-based musician and producer Kemuel stands out as a beacon of raw talent and intentional artistry. Infusing elements of R&B, pop, and afrobeats, Kemuel crafts stories through his lyrics, punctuated by compelling melodies, enveloping listeners in a vibrant auditory experience. He doesn't merely represent the Nigerian essence; he amplifies it, drawing on the rich cultural threads of his native Rivers state. But Kemuel offers more than just music; he curates an immersive journey, a space of solace, companionship, and peace. Kemuel doesn't just want you to hear his music; he wants you to feel every note and emotion.

On the back of early success for his latest single ‘ALONE’, which has amassed nearly a million global streams in just a few weeks, Nigerian singer, songwriter, and producer Kemuel has unveiled a captivating music video to accompany the new single. Shot on location in Oyo State in Nigeria, and directed by Cindy Ihua aka Director C, who has also worked for the likes of PsychoYP and Azanti, the retro theme styled visuals for ‘Alone’ brings the track’s narrative of love and regret further to life, while showcasing Kemuel’s performance prowess, and future star power.

Speaking about how the visuals came together, Kemuel says, “We were driven by a desire to intertwine the powerful emotions and scenic elements evoked by the song. Working closely with Director C, whom we deeply trusted to grasp our vision, and a dedicated 20-man crew, we searched for the best motorway scenery in southwest Nigeria, to curate a masterpiece that seamlessly merges a nostalgic, retro aesthetic with a narrative of bonding travellers. The video captures both an encompassing love that ties wanderers together, and a portrayal of isolation without such connections, using things like a vintage car, classic styling, and a grained film look to encapsulate those emotions and tales from the road."

Opening up about writing ‘Alone’, Kemuel adds that “I’ll be honest with you about the inspiration – before music started happening for me, there was a girl in my life, but relocating to Lagos to pursue music was detrimental to our relationship. I realise now that I was somewhat blind to the strain that caused. We had gone through countless fights because of the distance between us, so this song is basically all the things I would’ve said to her to provide some level of assurance, but I never did, and in the end, we broke up. It was a Thursday when ‘Alone’ took shape, I remember because it felt like the weekend, but it wasn’t. I kept listening to this beat I created earlier that day until the lyrics came pouring out.

Watch the visuals for 'Alone' below


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