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ENNY and Smino's 'Charge It Remix' is the Collaboration We've Been Waiting For

One Track we've had on repeat since it dropped is ENNY's "Charge It Remix" featuring Missouri-born rapper Smino.

The rising star of UK Rap, is back with an electrifying remix of her hit track "Charge It," featuring the renowned rapper Smino. Blending their unique styles, ENNY and Smino deliver a track that sets the rap scene on fire. Taken from ENNY's recent EP 'We Go Again', the remix sees the pair take the original track to new heights, adding a fresh twist combining ENNY's laid-back approach with Smino's fast-paced, staccato style.

With the official music video directed by ENNY herself, we see it perfectly complements the laid-back rap vibes of the track. Expressing her excitement for the remix, ENNY shares, "It's an amazing feeling to rejuvenate this record with a cold verse from Smino and a new video I had the pleasure of directing."

Listen to the full track on 'The Liquid Playlist'

Watch 'Charge It' Remix Featuring Smino Below


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