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Playlist Update: Odeal - 'You, The World vs Me'

'The Liquid Playlist’ Playlist Update: Odeal - ’You, The World vs Me'

Singer, songwriter and producer Odeal's most recent single ’You, The World vs Me' is a heartbreak anthem that captures the highest of highs at the start of a relationship and the lowest of lows once the dust settles and feelings of emptiness and paranoia creep in.

Despite two worlds colliding and the fallout that follows when it doesn't work out, Odeal reflects on how the world keeps spinning and life keeps moving on. An air of mystique surrounds Odeal, but he is best known for his honest and vulnerable songs that offer an insight into his inner world, thoughts and feelings.

Speaking of the single Odeal explains:

“You the world vs me is about being in such a euphoric state at the start of a relationship that when the dust settles it can make either party feel a sense of emptiness, however, irrespective of the turmoil between the two the world is not receptive to their emotions and life goes on.The girl who was once Odeal’s peace in a world full of evil soon turns against him as her paranoia/insecurities come to light.”

Listen to ’You, The World vs Me' Below


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