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Venna shares new single ‘Tam Tam’ featuring JADA

The multi-hyphenate artist is back with a new single ‘Tam Tam’, featuring sultry vocals from JADA.

Added to our ‘Feel Good’ playlist, the track is an instant smooth bop over with an eclectic, soulful production where JADA expresses her stance on romantic love with subtle wordplay that is profusely striking.

Taken from his forthcoming EP EQUINOX, the producer and saxophonist, Venna says;

‘Tam Tam’ is a classic record that myself & the superstar JADA created. I started the beat in Eastbourne at a writing camp. I thought the beat was cool until I linked up with JADA & my boy Perry and they went crazy over it.

Watch the full video below which features a behind the scenes glimpse into Venna on his travels.


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